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The Booth That Stole The Show

It doesn’t get cooler than this


This year, for the Lux Style Awards 2016, the brand wanted to create something that would make the attendees go weak in the knees, and everyone sitting at home wishing they had been there. And this photo booth did both. Designed by husband-wife duo Mariam Iftikhar and Ali Reza of Tree House, the booth was a visual treat for everyone who walked in to it. Created in just three days, a team of ten people installed wooden triangles inspired by diamonds and folded plates along the walls with LED lights lodged in between every structure. As the event began, the booth became the domain of award-winning photographer Tom Parker, who captured the essence of our entertainers in their element: singing and dancing the night away. Here are some of our favourite images:

adil omar and talal qureshiFawad Khananam malikali noorAyaz and RaanaFaraz Mannankamiar Rokni and Rehan BashirFrieha Altaf Zeb BangashHasnain LehriMarziMawra HocaneMahira KhanMeesha Shafi and Saba QamarmathiraThe moor boysNabilaUrwa Hocane and Farhan SaeedMohsin Tawasullishammal qureshiSajjal AliZeb Bangash Mai Dhai