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The GHARARA SARI Was the Coolest Trend at Fashion Week

Did you ever imagine there could be such a thing?

Finally, we have some hits! After we braved day two and three of the Fashion Pakistan Week Winter/Festive 2017, all the festivity inside us was gone. Day three was going to be as challenging to bear as the first two days. And why shouldn’t it be? With the exception of Sanam Chaudhri’s refreshing show and Misha Lakhani’s cotton ghararas, nothing else had impressed us so far. With such dismal thoughts in mind, we entered the hall.

And were in for a surprise. It seems that FPW saved the best for the last.

The highlight of the show was Maheen Khan’s gharara sari! Finally, someone decided to break the rut! There is only so much organza lehngas, OTT embroidery, and pastel shades one person can take.

Also, the metallic finish in Khan’s show was edgy and fun, unlike the rest of the fashion week. Though this trend has been there for the longest time in international market, Pakistani designers never made full use of it. Why? Only god knows.

Sana Safinaz? The three dimensional applique work and the forest ambiance was a hit! The overwhelming embroidery, not so much.

Saira Sakira, Nauman Arfeen, and Tena Durrani? A total miss. Belted dupattas and red with gold, really? It seems these designers woke up in the wrong decade.

From left to right: Nauman Arfeen, Tena Durrani, Saira Shakira, and Saira Shakira.

Adnan Pardesi? Well, his styling was on point; the two plaits, dark lips, and the chokers did the trick. He also experimented with sheer pants which we love! But his designs were predictable.

Verdict: The Gharara sari is the coolest new trend to come out of the fashion week.