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The Weirdest Things You’ll Find In A Celebrity’s Bag

Teabags - in case it’s time for tea?

By Muna Moini

They say a woman’s handbag is like a black hole, and ‘they’ are spot on with their observation. We kid you not, from our hair ties, cheque books, and sanitary pads, to receipts from the 90s, the bottomless pit contains it all. Sometimes you’ll find the most unusual thing in your bag, but don’t freak out; At least it is not a knife or a taweez (amulet).

Yes, one of my colleagues had the habit of carrying a taweez (amulet) and a kitchen knife along with some apples. That was weird on a whole new level! Black magic and murder was the first thought that entered my mind when anyone first spotted them. But thankfully, I knew her well by that time.

Since we love our celebrities to an extent that we want to know everything about them, we thought why not find out about the strangest things we’ll find in their bags.

Here’s what they had to share:

Ayesha Omar

The Bulbulay star carries a needle and a thread wherever she goes. What if there’s a wardrobe malfunction? You don’t want to make it to the yellow pages for all the wrong reasons now, do you?

Zoe Viccaji

She’s no damsel in distress who needs rescuing; she can save herself in times of danger. Pepper Spray is Zoe’s self-defense weapon that she always has in her bag. While we wish to live in a world where one can replace pepper spray with a face mist, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

Frieha Altaf

The woman is known for her unique sense of style and fashion, so it’s only a given that her purse would carry the oddest thing of all.

“I carry an antique cigarette holder from 100 years ago,” reveals Frieha quite proudly. “It’s got an ivory holder. It’s an antique Art Deco piece and you can’t find them anywhere because ivory is banned [now].”

Maria Wasti

“A little pair of scissors is always handy,” says Maria.

Well, you never know when you’ll encounter a lose thread in your dress or an uneven bang that might need trimming! Sometimes the craziest things in our bags turn out to be the most useful ones.

Sarwat Gillani

Ever notice those long, thick, dark “witch hair” growing from your chin that need to be extracted ASAP? Sarwat is a smart woman and knows the importance of a pair of tweezers and that’s probably why you’ll always find one in her bag.

Kami Sid

Kami Sid is a passionate activist for Pakistan’s marginalized transgender community. She’s unstoppable, refuses to stay quiet and will do everything in her power to make the world actually listen. Probably that’s the reason she carries a cotton bud in her purse. Kami is on a mission to unblock your ears!

Tell us about the craziest things you’ve stashed in your handbag.