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This Pakistani Insta-Blogger Spotted Something Strange about Sonam Kapoor’s Look for Ralph and Russo

and we're shocked!

Working on a profile on the hottest, most trending celebrity – whom no one else has access to – is the most moment in a lifestyle journalist’s life. The second most exciting moment is when you stumble upon a ‘sneaky collection’. What’s that? In simple words, it is a bunch of goodies (clothes, accessories or bags) created by a designer which bears a suspiciously close resemblance to another one. It doesn’t matter if Christian Dior made the chunky diamond accessories in 1997, Ralph & Russo getting inspired by them in 2017, is still a sneaky little act, which Style Journal ( a Pakistani blogger) was shrewd enough to notice.

Sonamoholics lost their sleep when Sonam Kapoor was announced the show stopper for Ralph & Russo’s 2017 fall/winter Haute Couture collection at the Paris Fashion Week on Monday. Finally the moment arrived and she appeared in a beautifully crafted bridal gown and a sheer veil, but wait a minute, we’ve seen that mega head ornament and necklace before!

Christian Dior presented jewellery extremely similar to this one, exactly two decades ago in 1997. Here is the pictorial evidence:

The message to take from here is that the sneaky bug can bite anyone; it doesn’t matter whether you’re showcasing a collection at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week or in a cramped shop in Anarkali bazaar.

The designer’s Deja Vu moment doesn’t take anything away from Sonam Kapoor and her ethereal walk down the ramp. She stopped the show with panache and that’s what counts…for her. Meanwhile, Ralph & Russo, it’s time for their design team to get back to the drawing board!