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These Are The Craziest Doughnuts On The Block

'Fancy' a doughnut anyone?

Anyone who takes their sugar cravings seriously in Pakistan has heard of Maha Jawed. She’s the pastry chef behind the Dark Chocolate Tart With Salted Caramel served at Karachi-based eatery Xander’s. And boy does that taste good!

Luckily for us Karachi folk, this Le Cordon Bleu graduate is working on another signature dessert: Gourmet donuts!

“I haven’t really been able to find a good doughnut in the city so far,” says Jawed. “So I’m experimenting with my own recipe.”

As soon as we caught sight of those delectable delights, we couldn’t order a box fast enough.

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Did it check all the departments?

Looks? They’ve got the good looks, guys! The doughnuts looked gorgeous. Almost like one of those #foodporn posts of Instagram that you admire on screen, but have never really consumed in real life.

Taste? Super delicious when eaten hot but a little dry when cold.

Piece of advice? A little more crispiness would make all the difference.

The highlight? Toppings! They were great and not too overpowering!