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Who needs Rishta Aunties when you’ve got LinkedIn

Feeling lonely? LinkedIn to the rescue.


By Quratulain Tejani

Watch out: Rishta aunties. LinkedIn is supposed to be a professional networking platform but lots of desi men who use the site to seem to think it is a matrimonial site. Maybe they think they can kill two birds with one stone: a professional profile and a matrimonial ad all in one  neat package, where the woman of their dreams will be so floored by their co-workers recommendations that she’ll have to say yes. Men can promote themselves by directly linking with anyone they have an interest in. Even Tinder doesn’t make it that easy.

“I pretty much accept all LinkedIn requests, since I use it to find leads for my business”, says a young female digital strategist . “I never know when and from whom I’ll get my new lead on LinkedIn.”

Typical messages on LinkedIn from strangers are usually innocuous:

‘Hi ma’am’ ‘Hru’ ‘Looking forward to building strong connection here.’ ‘Good morning have a nice day’

‘Thanks to accepted here’

But some Pakistani men take it to the next level. Here are accounts of a few women who got actual proposals through LinkedIn.

Farah Zafar, a managerial level resource at an advertising agency received this message one day:


So if you’re Farah and want to call this Senior Engineer (also a 19 Grade Officer), SMS him first as he “dnt attend unknown calls.”

While Farah’s admirer proposed directly, some men provide subtle hints to get in touch. Lahore-based Rabiya got a pick up line all the way from Chicago. His message if you can make it out says:

“I had gotten your profile information from someone in Lahore in match making, I was wondering if you would be interested in learning more about each other. You can get a sense of my background from LinkedIn profile.  I am based in Chicago these days but if you would like to get in touch we can set up a call to chat further. No pressure obviously. Just thought I would reach out to see.”


He does not want to put any pressure on you, but is ‘reaching out to you’ just in case you’re  as desperate as he is.

Mahrukh Arsalan, another independent lady, was asked to share the contact information of her parents.


These wanna-be khaandani men will try to impress you with their goody goody ways when they are ‘inspired OF your profile’.

Sometimes chachi, mami, phupho, her nand, her nand’s devrani, the auntie next door and mom’s Hajj friend, all have to get involved too. Notice how this message comes from ‘Family’ addressed to the girl’s family (‘cause who would take a boy who did CSS seriously?).


One more Senior Engineer chose LinkedIn to express interest.


Source: Metronome

We advise her this: DEAR you should consider his request DEAR, because DEAR he is qualified, and DEAR he is ‘alone son of parents’. Contact this ’30 years old Grade 19 officer’ because that almost never happens, does it?

As funny as these obnoxious messages are, they van be dangerous too. If you receive a threat then report it the authorities and  always be careful of who you add to your lists.