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These Stylish Besties Introduce A Trendy New Label

And it's called Sara & Sehar!

By Rozina Bhutto

What happens when two fashion-obsessed best friends with a polar opposite style sense come together to start a line? Life becomes a lot more exciting for all of us. Sara Wassan and Sehar Ahmed; two best friends who got together for their namesake brand that yells contemporary affordable fashion. Sara adds the edginess to the brand while Seher makes them look timeless. So, if you spot an pale aqua top at their exhibition – the color probably came from Seher’s mind and the OTT ruffles from Sara’s.

Sara and Sehar specialize in minimalistic western tops that you can sport to your office, get-togethers, formal luncheons, or even parties. As we spent a lovely afternoon doing a photoshoot for their upcoming collection, they told us that it’s all about pairing your tops with the right accessories and lowers.

Let’s hear these stylish besties talk about trends:

WO: Who came up with the idea of Sara and Sehar?

Sara and Sehar: Both of us! We were in London shopping when a question popped into our heads: Why is it so difficult to find clothes to our liking in Pakistan? We decided to make life easier for ourselves and those living in Pakistan by offering something different. Our brand, Sara Sehar, came into existence and now there’s no need for us or any of you to go shopping to other countries for basic things like the perfect white button down.

What are your top five essentials for summer?

Sara and Sehar:

  1. A vest
  2. Light coloured clothes
  3. Sun block
  4. Flip flops
  5. Boyfriend jeans because they don’t stick to your legs.

Describe your personal style?

Sara: Although we’re both best friends and work together, our personal style is poles apart. I’m trendy and willing to take risks while Seher is more classic. For example, I’d wear a white top with ripped jeans or a printed pencil skirt and high heels.

Sehar: I’ll probably wear the white top with black formal pants and focus on styling. I’m more of a pants person while Seher is into skirts, so that’s a major difference. Sara is colourful. I wish I could take some more fashion risks like her but I don’t.

What is one fashion faux pas you usually see happening in Pakistan?

Sara and Sehar: We don’t tend to dress according to our body type. You don’t need to be too loud to get noticed, just accessorize according to your personality and try and figure out what looks good on YOU not that celebrity you saw the other day.

What is that one thing that can instantly add glamour to one’s outfit?

Sara: Statement earrings.

Sehar: An up do. You can wear the most basic outfit, but if your hair looks perfect, everything’s going to fall into place.

Give us three different ways to style a simple white top?

Sara and Sehar: You can pair it with black pants for an understated look. Then, a monochrome skirt can instantly make the white top look glamorous. Or you can just wear the white top like a jacket on a tank top, and pair it with cropped jeans.

Who is your buyer – young girls or middle-aged women?

Sara and Sehar: Since our prices aren’t that highly priced, we cater to all the females in Pakistan. There isn’t a specific age group. There is something for everyone from trendy tops to classic ones. We’re trying to make fashion affordable to the masses.

Our fabric is mostly cotton and we customize everything making the brand accessible to everyone. So, anyone can give us your preferred length or change in the neckline and we’ll do it. Our brand is all about making our customer feel comfortable in our clothes.

What are four wardrobe staples that every girl must have?

Sara and Sehar:

  1. A nice belt. Girls these days don’t wear belts and that upsets us.
  2. Black pants
  3. Tank tops
  4. Cross body bag

Three things that never go out of fashion?

Sara and Sehar:

  1. A Blazer
  2. A Button down shirt
  3. A good pair of boots

Complete the following phrases.

Ruffles are: IN big time!

Cold Shoulders should: Go

Red lips can: Make you look gorgeous!

Palazzos need to: Stay

Ripped jeans: Are so much fun

Sunglasses: Are essential

While the two besties are busy twinning and winning at life, the world finds solace in looking gorgeous in their clothes. Their exhibition happened over the weekend and their latest collection is worth your time, so if you’re into chic minimalist fashion, go ahead and place an order on their Instagram page.