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This Bonanza Satrangi Ad Is A Sight To Behold!

Here are the five things we love about the TVC

A few days ago a friend complained to me about the nuisance that is a lawn marketing campaign. Elaborate photoshoots and expensive launch events. “What’s the point in all this? We buy lawn by looking at the prints and feeling the fabric, don’t we,” she asked and I nodded along. What she said was absolutely true…until the next shopping spree. I found myself buying lawn from brands that actually advertise – either through social media, BTL activities, or mainstream television. That’s probably because these brands are on top of our mind. Let’s not undermine the importance of a good TVC and Bonanza Satrangi just released an amazing one recently!

They’ve introduced their Eid collection through an over two-minute long vibrant advertisement featuring Hania Amir, Hasnain Lehri, Hadiqa Kiyani and her amazing vocals! We saw the BTS action of the TVC and were intrigued by the grandeur of the set. Now the TVC is out and we think our first stop on our next shopping spree will be Bonanza Satrangi – If not consciously then subconsciously.

Here are five things we absolutely adored in the ad. But first let’s have a look at the TVC:

It is a style guide on its own

Bonanza Satrangi’s Eid collection is vibrant without being overwhelming. The designs may not be show-stopping but the over two-minute video and the catalogue gives you various ideas on how one can style it! Side-swept short hair with statement hair pieces, mirror work, and the traditional silver bangles are some of the ways to make your outfit pop.  Also, the minimal barely there makeup has our heart!

The production design is on point

It is uncommon to see a well put-together set in a TVC and ad makers usually end up using the same old locations. What happens next? Viewers skip the ad and the brand’s money goes to waste. Abdullah Haris manages to grab our attention from the word get-go.

Is it a song or an ad?

That question will pop in your head as soon as you watch the long TVC. And while we all know what it is, the ambiguity helps Bonanza Satrangi play on consumer’s psyche who don’t like blatant selling. Moreover, Hadiqa Kiani’s powerful vocals and the popular qawali make you stay glued to the screen throughout the video.

Hasnain Lehri’s entrance

What happened when in K3G Shah Rukh Khan ran towards his huge mansion on Diwali and slid in sideways into the lobby as if someone had pushed him (and who knows maybe K-Jo did)? Every single person who watched the film fell in love with the grand arrival. A similar thing happened in Bonanza’s TVC. We saw two Peshawari chappal clad feet running down the stone steps in slow-mo. We were intrigued to say the least. The owner of the feet came a few frames later and as Hasnain Lehri ran towards the female protagonist, we wished we’d taken up modelling instead of writing.

Needless to say, we loved every bit of his slow motion arrival!

The bobs look equally cool with desi wear

You thing Eid; and colours, bangles and paranday come flying into your third eye’s line of vision. Do you remember any ad related to Eid that doesn’t have these elements? We can’t recall any. So, we were pleasantly surprised when we saw Hadiqa and Hania sporting bobs in this TVC. While the clothes were traditional, the makeup and styling (by Wazhma Awan) was done keeping in mind the sensibilities of the modern woman.

Note: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Bonanza.