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This Breakfast Smoothie From Refuel Is The Perfect Way To Kick-start Your Day

Delicious, healthy, and affordable!

Every New Year’s Eve, we resolve to wake up promptly at 7:00 am, go for a run, consume a protein heavy breakfast, and make it to the office by 9:30 am, leaving us with enough time to read the morning paper before work officially begins. But 2018 is a few months away and our imagination deceives us from time to time.

If your mornings are anything like ours, you drag yourself out of bed at 9:50 am and sneak onto your desk, without your boss catching a glimpse, by 10:15 am. Breakfast…what breakfast?

But we realise its importance and crave for it…dearly.

Enter Refuel Juice Bar with its healthy smoothies for mere 230 bucks. We’ve been living off their breakfast smoothie for a week now, and it’s kind of amazing.

This is latest juice bar to hit Karachi is located at Rahat Commercial next to Mr. Burger, but delivers all over DHA and Clifton thanks to Foodpanda.

Their mission: To make juices taste SO good that people actually prefer it over junk food.

And it’s working.

If you want your juices fresh, head over to their outlet – a visual treat, lined with wood panels from ceiling to floor – and watch them pulverize fresh vegetables and fruits in real time. As a rule they don’t use anything that comes out of a box, nor do they add any water to their juices – not even ice, only frozen fruit to chill the drink.

Here are our favourites from their Menu:

Breakfast Smoothie: Coconut Water, Pineapple, Banana and Spinach

WO Notes: It’s easy breakfast with your daily intake of greens in one. To make it extra healthy ask them to hold back the pineapple.

Immunity: Cucumber, Bay leaf, Ginger, Celery, and Apple

WO Notes: Because winter is coming.

Tropical South: Pomegranate + Guava +sugarcane = an insane burst of fruity flavor in your mouth.

WO Notes: A burst of amazing flavours. Try it when you need to lift your mood – so much better than that tub of ice cream

Twin layered smoothie – Pineberry: Pineapple and Strawberry smoothies, one layered on top of the other.

WO Notes: This is GENIUS. We’re always up for tasting two fruits in one.

This post is created in partnership with Refuel Juice Bar.