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This Clothing Brand Here Just Made History

Brace yo selves!

Lights? Check

Camera? Unfortunately, check!

Action…loads of it? Check!

Aunties – and their betis – eyeing the lawn joras with a manic gleam? Double check!

Khaadi’s largest outlet ever saw a grand opening this Saturday. Karachi-ites queued outside the newly opened Lucky One Mall and marched in as soon as the gates to Khaadi’s 30,000 sq. ft large store opened. As expected, some gentlemen took it upon themselves to let the world know about the largest store and the 40-hour long nonstop sale!

Yep, Khaadi offered a flat 40% off across the board. The sale began at 9 am on November 11th and went up till 1 am of November 13th.

Earlier this year, the clothing brand conducted a 38 hour sale at Packages Mall, Lahore, which was also a huge success. It is safe to say that Khaadi outdid itself this time around and set a benchmark for other clothing brands. Are you listening Generation, Nishat and the likes?

But it was good to see that no one broke their necks.

Thankfully, this new Khaadi store was large enough to accommodate SO MANY ladies and their respective gents.

The management decided to let people enter in batches, so by the time one lot left, the other entered; hence, maintaining a steady stream. But according to some eyewitnesses, a few ladies were spotted camping in Khaadi’s Home section just to be sure that they didn’t leave the next best outfit for their jethani.

Such was the competition.

It’s been almost two decades since Shamoon Sultan dreamt of reviving the ancient handloom craft and boy oh boy has he succeed or what! Back in the day, while other clothing brands kept their focus on glitzy floral prints and embroidery, Khaadi silently won hearts with its clean cuts and solid colors. And now in 2017, it has over 43 stores across Pakistan and is the first Pakistani brand to have international presence.

Safe to say, Khaadi has grown along with the people of Pakistan, and embraced the one thing which is constant: change!