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This Designer Wants You To Be Modest But Not Boring

"I want to revolutionise the abaya!”

“Following religion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with your style,” says one of the most influential women on Facebook, Sabeen Rabbani – The Founder of Deen Sisters and Modeste. Modeste Abayas is a fashion brand that offers (as the name suggests) abayas to all the young at heart women, who wish to cover themselves without compromising on their style.

“It is French for modest and I pronounce it as modest-ay,” Rabbani says while explaining her brand’s name.

“Fashionable yet modest is my motto,” says Rabbani and we love her take on abayas. “I don’t want anyone in an abaya to feel that they are not looking classy. I want to revolutionise the abaya!”

Sabeen Rabbani is all smiles with her model

It should be an outfit worn happily and not sloppily. We all know there are times when wearing an abaya feels like an outer layer which we can’t wait to shed and unveil the pretty outfit inside!

What if your abaya is so pretty, that you don’t feel like taking it off ever! Well, we wouldn’t recommended such unhealthy obsession with a piece of clothing, but wouldn’t you want your abaya to make a style statement?

If you’ve suddenly gotten up from your seat in excitement and thrown your fist in the air saying, “hell yes”, then join us as we have a look at Sabeen Rabbani’s Modeste Abayas!

This ivory garment with pearl details and lacey hemline is perfect if your style mantra is understated elegance.

You can never go wrong with black and white. The lace on the sleeves and hemline adds a celebratory feel to the otherwise basic garment. Opt for this one, if you like to keep things practical.

Who says colour blocking only works on a kameez, dress or a skirt? A color-blocked abaya can look equally cool. Just like the model, pair it with nude pumps to stand tall and graceful amongst the crowd.

We spot a theme here. It seems like Sabeen tends to keep her abayas elegant and they follow a subtle colour palette instead of going all-out bright and bold. The white lace gives the illusion of height and will make you appear slimmer.

But if a single colour bores you, then that here’s how you can introduce some colour into your life without looking OTT.

“I just to want to break the notion that abayas are old school and dreary,” says Sabeen. “Most of my clients are not in Pakistan. They are in Chicago, New Jersey, and Toronto.” So what Sabeen actually does is, she gets to know her clients – mostly through voice notes and messages – and develops what they want.

Basically, she’s making your dream abaya come true!

Disclaimer: This post was produced in partnership with Sabeen Rabbani of Modeste Abayas.