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This DOES NOT Happen When You Wax Or Shave

Six myths busted!

By Sheneir Khan

Ladies, you have two options. Embrace your genetic makeup and let your hair graze the inside of your denims OR scrape off the excess hair and feel like a newborn baby. Whether you wax or shave, each method has its set of pros and cons. Shaving is easier and painless, but it makes your skin coarse. Waxing gives you smoother skin, but it hurts like hell AND can make your skin sag in the longer run. This is what we’ve been made to believe, but how many of these myths, whispered raspily to us by our parlour aunties, are actually true?

Let’s bust six myths associated with waxing and shaving before your next salon appointment.

MYTH #1: Shaving results in thicker and darker hair!

TRUTH: Scientifically speaking; wax, shaving cream, or even the knife or stick you use to spread wax DOES NOT  affect your hair growth! If you already have dark and thick hair, you will continue to grow dark and thick hair. Nothing can change the unfortunate truth.

If you do notice a change in your hair’s quality, then it is most probably due to hormonal changes, so go see a doctor not your waxing lady!

MYTH #2: Start early and get rid of unwanted hair FOREVER!

TRUTH: This only happens in our Nani’s stories.  Permanent hair removal is next to impossible! Although waxing does lessen your hair growth over time, the follicle is still there and will continue to produce hair. So, embrace it!

MYTH #3: Shaving your face is same as Exfoliating your face

TRUTH: Excuse me? When has your scrub wiped your hair right off your face? Unless it’s a particularly sticky ubtan, exfoliation has no effect on your facial hair. Never confuse these two things, especially if you don’t wish to screw up your face!

MYTH #4: People with curly hair are more prone to ingrown hair!

TRUTH: Ingrown hair develops when the hair isn’t able to make its way through the follicle wall and gets stuck, appearing as a black dot. Your body hair won’t care if your head has curly or silky smooth hair, if it wants to get stuck, it will.

Exfoliating your skin during a hot bath is probably the best way to get the ingrown hair out!

MYTH #5: Waxing  your face will give you wrinkles and loosen the elasticity of your skin! 

TRUTH: Head to a professional for face wax and you won’t have to worry about anything. Waxing your face requires the skin to be held tightly so that there is near to no movement of the skin when the wax strip comes off. Also, nobody waxes their face every single day, so relax because that frown can definitely give you wrinkles.

MYTH #6:  Getting waxed is one of the most painful experience ever!

TRUTH: If you have a high pain threshold, you are most likely to get used to the pain and eventually, it’ll feel like nothing. But for those of us who cannot stand pain at all, it may be impossible to bare. The pain has more to do with you than the process itself.

So which of these waxing myths do you relate to the most?