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This Feminist Fashion Collection Will Be Sold Before It Even Hits The Store

BRB as we go hound those 11 pieces

Something as crazy cool as Feminist Fashion only happens when two equally quirky parties meet face to face. Recently, Generation put up a teaser image of Shehzil Malik – one of Pakistan’s most renowned illustrators – wearing a funky flouncy jacket. It was immediately screenshot-ed and shared with our fashion forward friends and family members.

The woman was wearing (yes, wearing) her own illustration how could we not loose get the drift? She looked like a piece of art. And we could hardly keep breathing, because this collaboration between Shehzil and Generation promised bucket load of fun.

And from the look of the sneak peek Generation has bestowed upon us, it is all kinds of fun!

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The retail brand will launch its Feminist Fashion (excuse us while we fan girl over the term for an eternity) capsule collection on the 6th of October!

As per the press release, it comes with a total of 11 styles – varying from crop-tops, jumpsuits, jackets to cowl shalwars (what are those) and scarves, and are priced (hold your breath) between Rs. 1,800 and Rs.5,000!

The price point is so amazing. We can hardly contain ourselves.

The GENERATION x Shehzil Malik Collection is inspired by the women on the streets, in colleges, and places of work. Basically, it is inspired by ‘you’ and is for ‘you’. Unfortunately, it isn’t made by ‘you’ or else it would’ve had the honour to become world’s first ever ‘democratic’ clothing line.

The collection is all feminism. The words written across the designs are a mix of phrases from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s iconic essay, “We Should All Be Feminists”, alongside Urdu and English text echoing the empowering statements of her words.

“Early last year, with our #stepoutside campaign, we generated the debate about how important it is for
women to reclaim public spaces which are indeed rightfully theirs,” says Generation’s Creative director Khadija Rahman. “This year we want to build that idea further by encouraging women to embrace all of themselves; in all their rawness, their curves, and warm skin tones.”

These clothes plan to give you confidence and help you live your life like you want and that too unapologetically!

*Model, styling and MUA: Eman Suleman