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This folksy “Good News” song is our new anthem

Make it your ring tone for the next dawat


We can’t get over this hilarious Indian single “Any Good News” by Sofia Ashraf in which the  traditional mama hopefully asks her daughter the familiar question which we all know is code for are you pregnant. The daughter’s responses will offers laughter and elicits thought – she got accepted to NASA, she saved a child’s life, she had a good hair day, she finally figured out what on fleek means.

The super catchy song asks why a woman must be defined by her husband and child. Raptivist Sofia Ashraf’s has been pushing political music since her breakthrough Kodaikanal Won’t and her new series Sista From The South is taking the internet on by storm. She sings her heart out in a string of cheeky singles that call out South Asian society’s bizarre double double standards.

 “Sista From The South will raise a few eyebrows, get a few laughs and make people think. With a lot of interesting artistes to collaborate with, I’m excited about what’s to come,” the singer told media.

All together now, it’s a good. good day for good good news. I could say, I would say, I got no blues.