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This Funny Guy Is Giving Major Life Lessons Through his Videos

Like "Bashir Ki Koji beti Shumaila shouldn't go for the expensive boys"

“Lahori girl cute hai jab tuk mute hai!”

This phrase, which we hear so often and dismiss with a laugh, is Shumaila Bhatti’s biggest concern with this unfair world these days. And why shouldn’t it be? As she rightly points out, “Goray bhi tou angrezi [accent] mein bolte hain tou hum kyun na Punjabi [accent] mein bolein?”

She adds,Moral of the story: Be proud of the who you are because if you do not proud of who you are then who else will proud who you are! We first proud ourself. Okay?”

I hope we’ve piqued your interest with this forward thinking phrase, and it is time we introduce you to Shumaila Bhatti.

She is a SnapChat filter!

On the face of it, yes, but the mastermind behind Shumaila Bhatti is an extremely talented man called Moiz. He highlights important issues like scarcity of eligible ‘expensive’ bachelors, dealing with rich friends, and ineffectiveness of desi flirting methods through Shumaila Bhatti – who likes people to know that she has done her BBA from an ‘English Medium’ university.

“Diverse si bhi hoon na zara. Angrezi, Punjabi, Urdu, teenon zabano ke andar linen maar bhi sakti hoon aur qubool bhi kar sakti hoon *giggles*.”


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Shumaila is a Lahori through and through and often finds herself amidst “cute, friendly [Facebook] chats” with Faisalabadi boys. But when they update their status about the conversation, she often gets upset and responds in her signature style:

“Meine kaha ae phar meri jutti, mei maidaan mein aanay lagi aan,”

If you want to stay updated about this self-proclaimed celebrity’s social life, then check out the Facebook page: Desi Bombshell.