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This Hair Trend Needs Your Attention Right Now

Let’s go bob!

Well, you won’t have any other option once you go short. But that shouldn’t dishearten you by any means. Going short is not just about getting rid of a bunch of dead skin cells, it liberates you physically and emotionally. We’ve observed that girls become more confident and daring after a drastic chop. You won’t see them drooping away in a corner or saying things like “my hair looks so messy, I don’t think I can do this”. These ladies put on their stilettos, grab their satchels, and swoop past you with their hair swish swashing glamorously giving everyone hair goals. And it’s not just us, 44% of women surveyed by Cosmopolitan felt that hair dictate a woman’s mood and consequently day.

A good hair day generally means a good day and vice a versa. Advocates of long hair might argue that good hair day isn’t synonymous to bobs and lobs, and for them we only have one question: Have you ever seen anyone look boring in a bob?

Now that we all agree that going short is probably the best thing you can do to yourself, let’s head to the celebrities who are rocking it this season and slayin’ it like a pro!

Sadaf Kanwal

Bobs have been trending for a few years now, but this girl brought it to the forefront this year with her super short inverted bob and now we’re having a hard time coming to terms with our long, lanky locks!

Ushna Shah

She took her sweet little time in embracing the ‘go-short-or-go-home’ trend. She first went for a shoulder sweeping length and then a few weeks later the sweeping wasn’t enough and she wanted to go all the way up!

Saba Qamar

Image courtesy of OK! Magazine

The star who’s making us proud across the border has finally experimented with her look and all we can say to her is: See, this is what you were missing! She tends to style her bob with a little waves here and a curl there, and it is too hot to handle.

Qamar went for the great chop for her upcoming project in which she plays Qandeel Baloch.

Ainy Jaffri

She went off to London and quietly let the long locks go. We almost missed her blunt bob, but Instagram came to our rescue. We think she looks super fab in her new haircut.

Amna Babar

Amo B isn’t a newbie to this trend and has sported a soft blended lob for quite some time now. She’s not only great at dubsmash-ing but also at styling her bob like a pro.

Iqra Aziz

She took a leaf out of Ushna’s book (or maybe it was the other way round) and instead of taking a big leap, took small steps towards a slightly A-shaped bob.

Ramsha Khan

Image courtesy Nabila Salon

Speaking of A-shape, Ramsha Khan – an up and coming actress – sported a perfect A-line lob a few months back but then she levelled it up. But we ain’t complaining!

Sohai Ali Abro

The Jalwa girl is a daring soul, as unveiled by her close friends in numerous interviews. So it was inevitable for Sohai to go for the big chop.

Anoushey Ashraf

She is the prime example of ‘keeping things safe’ and there is no harm in that because hair does take time to grow and you don’t want to cry over unevenly chopped hair.

We love this trend and the fact that it’s so low maintenance is an added bonus. One just needs a serum to smooth out the frizz and that’s it. No standing in front of the mirror staring at your boring long layers for hours before heading out with an awkward hair of head! Going short will make your life so much more easier.