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This Henna Artist Recreates Love Stories on her Brides’ Hands

Here are some of her favourites

Article-minBy Mashaal Rana

Numerous henna artists world over specialise in bridal henna, but how many of them can draw your love story on your body?

Sara Vazir learned how to apply henna by watching her mom do the same with a toothpick when she was young. Today Vazir, 29, runs an entire henna business, with flash tattoos, her own henna recipe, and her very own patented white henna (yes she invented white henna!).

Sara has invented many designs, including the popular lace glove and some really cool tribal patterns, but her favourite remains her signature love story designs, where she incorporates key moments from a bride’s love story on to her henna desin.

Scroll down to see Sara’s top 5 Love Story Designs she has recently created and pick up the phone to book her for your saheli’s big day.

No.1: “Leila Majnoo”

No. 1 Leila Majnoo-min
A gorgeous wedding in beautiful Mauritius, this couples’ love story blossomed over secret Balcony meetings in Dubai, with the couple sharing a deep spiritual connection and a love for travel & fun!

No.2: “Rock Star Love Story”

No. 2 Rock Star Love Story-minFrom London to HK & all in between, this couple shared their passion for music, strengthening their love a music festival at a time!

No.3: “International Courtship”

No. 3 International Courtship-minPlunging into the deep end with aNikah over the phone this was a true arranged marriage turned into a beautiful love story, with a courtship that knew no limits. From Karachi rickshaw rides, to London till Sweden their story had seen it all!

No.4: “Hazaron Khwahishain aisee”

No. 4 Shudh Desi Romance-minFrom “beta chai do” to long drives, beautiful ghazals and moonlit dates at Kolachi : a sweet arranged marriage turned into a love story.

No.5: “Love in Paris”

No. 5 Love in Paris-min

With a love of truck art, and a childhood dream of honeymoon in Paris, this girl had it all mapped out from a young age. She got her fairy-tale love story with a proposal that can beat Bollywood stories and a prince charming that treats her like royalty!

Awe-struck yet? Hold your horses ladies, because we have one more treat for you. Completely overwhelmed with Sara’s creations, WO teamed up with her and created a short video for you all to see her do her magic henna on a Karachi bride! Watch the video below to find out more:

  • Mush Panjwani

    Sara, you rock! I can never get tired of reading about you or seeing your beautiful henna over and over again!