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This Is Where Mahira Khan Will Be Watching Raees

And it’s not where you think

ArticleBy Mashaal Rana

There’s no doubt that Mahira Khan is Pakistan’s sweetheart – but is the launch of her debut Bollywood film reason enough to make stakeholders start screening Indian films in theaters again? We wish.

After the release of the super steamy video of the song “Zaalima” our dissatisfaction over this new arrangement sent us into a tizzy. Word also started to spread that a committee was being formed to sit on the decision on whether Raees should get a release. We reached out to the actress yesterday to see what she had to say, and the response was a sad one. Mahira highly doubts that the ban will be lifted in order to allow a timely release for Raees in Pakistan.

“When something like art gets politicized, it is an extremely sad situation because I strongly believe that art is the only thing that can bring people together,” Mahira Khan said, in an exclusive interview with Women’s Own.

With Raees’s release, however, Khan won’t be taking any chances and plans to fly to Dubai with her family and close friends to watch it. “Not just me, my entire bunch is booking their flight this week,” she said.