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This Makeup Artist Brings Crazy Cool Makeup To Pakistan

Bridal makeup does not always mean boring

A few days ago we practically begged you to stop with the age old red lip and gold eyes combination. It is a classic look, yes, we agree. But why must we desis strive to achieve homogeneity when we can easily go for a more diverse, cool, and crazy look?  Haya Qamar, a Pakistani makeup artist, has decided to make a difference in the red and gold world of bridal makeup!

Haya headed to DFMA Make Up Academy in London to learn the newest and coolest techniques in the world of makeup.

Although her portfolio may look too experimental at first glance, she assures us that she has learnt enough techniques in London to make her makeup artistry palatable for the desi audience.

“Well I got to learn from some amazing makeup artists that have real world experience, and though I was learning over-the-top looks, I also learnt a lot of techniques that could apply to any makeup look,” she explains when we wonder out loud if black lips are indeed practical, especially since Haya is looking to primarily target the bridal market.

Giving an example of how the makeup academy helped her become better at her art she says:

“The trends are shifting from cake-y looks to more natural, glowing ones – and surprisingly it’s because of technological changes. Since we are moving from SD TV to HD TV, and higher resolution cameras you can see a lot more detail of makeup. Back in the day, makeup HAD to be exaggerated to actually show up on screen, but now the tiniest bit is highlighted.”

So, what kind of techniques are we talking about here, especially if we speak of achieving glowing skin?

“One of the things that I learnt is how important it is to prep the skin – if your skin is warmed up and moisturized, the makeup just melts into it,” explains Haya. “It becomes like your skin but better – I want to bring light to that with my makeup.”

The one lesson that she learnt resonates with us on so many levels that we can hear it on repeat.

“I’ve learnt that less is more and that’s what I want to bring to the Pakistani makeup market.”

Thank god for that!