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This Might Be The Best Eid Collection Out There

It is festive yet wearable

What do you do when you have an important event to attend and absolutely nothing to wear? Not sure about you, but we head to our trusted brand: Generation. Our mothers have spent have their lives wearing this brand. It was the first eastern wear store we shopped from. And it is a bestie who’s always there in times of utter need: when your sister decides to pack half your wardrobe with her to a trip or when your darzi messes up really bad.

Generation steps in and saves the day!

This time they plan to save your Eid with their Sussi shalwars, mirror work, and bold batik prints. Sounds interesting, right? It looks even more interesting, let’s check out.

Our favourite is this eclectic gharara suit from their Flo collection titled Montevideo. Just look at those illustrations on the ghararara and the pop of fuchsia and lime green on a nude base!

Their sussi shalwars paired with mirror work tops have also got us swooning. Imagine the various ways you can style the shalwars and the black kurta!

Pair the kurta with a funky jacket and frayed denims for a casual look or black culottes for a more formal one. The sussi shalwar can be worn with your solid colored kurtas (think yellow and white) and even with a boyfriend shirt cinched at the waist.

Then there is the funky Horn Please collection which celebrates truck art. Now, before you go all but-it’s-been-done-a-gazillion-times on us, answer a simple question: Does this kurta convince you to head to Generation?

We know you stared at it quizzically for a few seconds before giving in. We Pakistanis love our heritage, don’t we?

Dresses are the most “in” things this season. We know Generation has been getting a bit of slack for producing a lot of dresses lately, but for every dress out there, there is also a shalwar kameez, so let’s buy what we like and leave the rest for others, shall we?

FYI: This Balochi silhouette is trending big time these days.

Here’s a patchwork kurta with some Sindhi embroidery here and a print there. It makes a pretty picture and will look cool especially with traditional chokers, bangles or jhumkas (not all three together please).

Reds, oranges, and all these bright colors seem to be the highlight of Generation’s Eid collection. Here’s a multi tiered dress which will flatter any body type and a girl’s occasional desi fix.

Disclaimer: This post was produced in partnership with Generation