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This New Age Dryer Is Exactly What Your Hair Needs

Only one salon in Pakistan owns it!

We are talking about the Dyson Dryer comes which comes with a hefty price tag of $300-400! We are thankful to Mahvish Hasan for making it accessible for us not-so-tech-savvy beings who don’t want to air fry their hair, BUT don’t know how to avoid it either. This beauty (one look at its edgy design and you’ll say the same) comes with a jet force, three times greater than normal hair dryers.

How does this piece of supersonic technology help save your hair?

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to dry your hair with Dyson dryer whereas the regular ones take more than half an hour. And that too with a sky high heat setting.

This shorty, on the other hand, comes with a heat protecting sensor which prevents the air from going above a certain temperature that can damage your locks. This ends up giving you smoother and shinier hair in no time.

“After a luxurious ritual [Kerastase one], we don’t want to waste all the effort that has been put into re-strengthening your hair,” says Mahvish Hasan while explaining the thought behind making the hefty purchase. “So we researched and found this dryer which quickly dries your hair with minimal damage and ends up giving you smooth hair instead of frizzy one.”

Another plus point of this dryer is the sweet humming sound and not a full blown trumpet like a normal dryer. In short, this dryer neither damages your hair nor your eardrums.

Also, this one comes with a nozzle that directs air to the selected strand instead of blowing a full-blown hurricane into your hair and making it a knotted mess.

But guys, don’t expect your hair to receive the luxurious $400 worth of hair-drying-session during a normal blow dry at The Mahvish Hasan Salon, this dryer is only used after you’ve undergone any Kerastase ritual. But after listening to two of our colleagues going on and on about the luxurious ritual, it won’t be long when you’ll spot us on that Shiatsu massage chair.

Disclaimer: This post was produced in partnership with The Mahvish Hasan Salon.