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This New Eatery Is Every Chocolate Lover’s Dream Come True

Where do we line up?

By Umme Hamdani

Are you a person who believes a balanced diet consists of holding a chocolate in each hand? If yes, you’ve stumbled upon the very place you wanted to be.

Most of us spent our entire disillusioned childhood trying to find Mr. Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory. No one bothered to tell us that Roald Dahl had pulled a cruel joke on all the Charlies (chocolate lovers) of the world. Years went by, our taste refined, and we were introduced to chocolate boutiques!

On that note, let me introduce you to a fine, fine boutique that’s here to make our lives a little more sweet and exotic.

The makers of Pie In The Sky and Café Chatterbox introduce, Aztec Chocolate – an artisanal chocolate boutique located on Main Badar street in Karachi. Aptly named – since chocolate was dubbed as the food for gods in the Aztec civilisation – this boutique is the brain child of Naila Naqvi and is making waves amongst chocolate lovers.

When you enter this little piece of heaven, you can’t help but admire the large gold framed mirrors that line one side of the shop, the gold rimmed glass shelves, and the bright green interior which gives the place a French vibe.

The place screams exquisite-chic!

Now, let’s discuss our primary interest: Chocolate!

I truly believe that chocolate is not something you gulp down without thinking. It is an experience that needs to be savoured. Let it play with your senses and that’s exactly what 45 flavours (of chocolate) offered by Aztec do!

Yes, let that sink in.

Made of pure Belgian chocolate, Aztec offers 45 flavours in six different categories – dark chocolate with hazelnut, milk chocolate with espresso cream, Lotus biscuit, a filling of cheesecake cream, Pistachio Croquet, jars and jars of almond covered chocolates and much, much more.

Before you die of overdose of daydreams involving chocolate, here’s a rundown of the chocolate boutique.

The up side:

  • The large variety and quality of the chocolate.
  • The chic interior.
  • The beautiful boxes (which are perfect for presents).

The down side:

  • It is a little pricey!

Our recommendations:

  • Pistachio Croquets, Milk Chocolate with Espresso Cream, Cookies and Cream Pyramid, and Dark Chocolate Caree.

As the famous Chef Emily Luchetti puts it “After eating chocolate you feel godlike, as though you can conquer enemies, lead armies, and entice lovers”. So go ahead, feel like god!