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This New Karachi Salon is Absolutely Gorgeous

And is almost the ideal getaway


By Mashaal Rana

Shout out to all you salon lovers in Karachi: this one is for you. Finding the perfect salon for those sneaky weekly escapes, that too in a city that has a salon located on almost every street, can be a tough one – trust me, I’ve been there and I know how important it is to select a place that won’t fall short of becoming our ultimate sanctuary. But thanks to the new star kid in spa town, Joie, has made that decision-making process way easier for us by being the perfect getaway that will allow us to steam off the entire week’s stress in just a few hours.

Shamaila Allawala is the prodigy behind Joie (which stands for Joy in French). The former stay-at-home housewife and mother of two, has always dreamt of having her own spa and salon; after 9 years of having this undiminishing desire, she decided to rise as the entrepreneur she was cut out to be.

Located in the heart of DHA (on Bukhari Commercial), much like its name, Joie, oozes utter joy with its in-house vibe. The awe-inspiring ambience of Allawala’s studio, with its eccentric floor lights and soothing music playing in the background, makes it a distinctive salon/spa – the best looking one I have personally come across in Karachi so far, and I have now been living here for almost a year.

Working with interior designer, Naheed Mashooquella, Allawala tells us, “The unconventional studio design is an extension of herself.” She believes that, “the interior reflects joy which is found in the little things around us.” And that is why her project looks that way it does as it is meant to bounce off joy to its customers. With the coffee bar being the core element of Allawala’s atelier, the pedicure (with uber cool Jacuzzi pods) and the hair stations, fit perfectly on the well-thought out floor plan. And of course, a serene massage area is found in the basement of the building – away from all the possible distractions of exhausted fellow attendees.

Offering specialist Kerastase hair treatments, Joie caters to “everyone and anyone who is looking for expert hair treatments” says Allawala. “Our competitive prices and quality of treatments ensure consumer loyalty and we endeavour to keep it that way.” With a small yet proactive staff, this new lady boss takes pride (and rightly so) in her new venture believes that her staff is her true strength.

So, to all the full-time mothers out there who have been wanting to pursue a career, Shamaila Allawala, should most definitely be the inspiration you need to bring out that pro business woman out of her shell – “Just do your homework and go for it!” the lady boss advises us all.

So wouldn’t it be a good idea to plan that secret escape Joie for some downtime and bump into Allawala herself for some mogul inspiration? We definitely think it is.

Check out the pictures below and you won’t even need us to push you to go here. For more information and contact details, just Facebook ‘Joie Salon & Spa’ on those phones right away.

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