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This Sehri Regime Is All You Need To Stay Hydrated

It is much simpler than your 'anda paratha' fest

By Hafsa Saeed

Someone wise once said, “No matter how much water you consume during sehri, you can’t store it inside you, your body will find a way to get rid of the excess. You are not a camel.”  While it is heartbreaking to embrace the truth because many of us really do want the latter to be true, we have to acknowledge it and look for alternatives to keep ourselves hydrated all day long. Sleeping till iftar is one option but that’s hardly possible if you have a ‘life’ and a packed schedule that comes with it.

What does one do when Ramazan decides to appear right in the middle of a sweltering summer months?

Don’t fret over the sweat and get used to dehydration or in simpler words, to the feeling of your throat closing up on you due to dryness. Nope, that isn’t an option and neither is ending up with a tummy full of water at Sehri and walking around like an eight month pregnant lady.

If you’re indulging in any of the above then you have it all wrong and need to fix it right now.

These another problem we go through while fasting in this extremely hot weather. We bring you a list of foods and drinks you can consume during Sehri to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Yogurt based drinks

There is a reason famous novelist, Janet Evanovich, in one of her books said, “I had a yogurt. What more could anyone want?” Because let’s face it guys, yogurt does wonders!

One of the wonders, as told by our nanis and dadis, is that if you have a good amount of good old dahi in sehri, then you won’t feel thirsty for the rest of the day. However, having plain yogurt everyday can get boring so either throw in some fruits and berries and make a smoothie or just go for sweet Lassi.

The mighty water melon or any other melon

Thank the heavens because the market is currently full of all the booze you need in your life. Wait, before you start getting any wrong ideas, we mean tarbooz, kharbooza and garmas. Melons, which have a high content of water, need to be added to your Sehri regime right now if you want to stay sane throughout the day and not act like a toddler.

Coconut Water

We know taste for coconut water needs to be acquired and one just doesn’t happen to love the bland liquid, but its advantages are unimaginable. Our research tells us that “coconut water helps boost the immune system. Plus, the plant hormones called cytokinins in this health drink exhibit anti-aging, antithrombotic and anticancer effects.”

It also helps solve tummy problems like indigestion and acid reflux in addition to uplifting your energy level.

Carrots and cucumbers

We know that Pakistanis are not big on vegetables, but carrots and cucumbers have high contents of water so they need to be added to your sehri diet. It is also a quick-fix meal if you suffer from the habit of waking up just 15 minutes before the Azaan is called out.

Go easy on the caffeine

We say this with a heavy heart, but dousing yourself in caffeine at Sehri can lead to dehydration. Since most of us usually go back to sleep after sehri, it won’t even help you stay awake during the day. You’ll kill the effects of caffeine with your post-sehri nap.

Try these tips and tricks and make the most out of the remaining days of Ramazan.