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This Shampoo Is Scientifically Proven To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

In just three months

It seems like EVERYONE wants long hair these days, and we don’t blame them. Long locks are back in vogue. It is the only accessory you need this Fall. And guess what? You don’t need to hit the salon for protein treatments every week or expensive hair extensions. Now shampoos enriched with biotin are available at your nearest grocery store.

The latest green variant by Sunsilk promises to make your hair grow up to 4 cm in just three months. Add to it healthy eating habits, and you are going to totally steal the December weddings with your shiny, long locks!

Don’t complain if aunties and girls sneak up to you for totkas. All you need to do is point them towards Sunsilk’s green bottle and explain that getting long locks is only a few washes away!

How can a shampoo increase your hair’s length? Because the green variant by Sunsilk has BIOTIN – the magical hair growth vitamin. BIOTIN nourishes hair from root to tip, making it healthy.  It is said to improve your body’s keratin infrastructure. And keratin, as we all know, is extremely potent for hair because it protects the outer layer from environmental damage.

So you really don’t need to dish out any more money for those protein treatments because just one bottle of Sunsilk Long & healthy costs only Rs. 200-300 and lasts for months.

Girlies, if you’ve been dreaming about that messy braid since the last wedding season, now is the time to let biotin (Sunsilk Green) do it magic!