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This Shampoo Promises Long Locks In Three Months

And it contains the magical Biotin

It’s shaadi season all year round in Pakistan – either you’re prepping up for a big fat wedding (there is at least one of these every season) or are attending a million Shendis in a day. Sometimes you’re expected to show up in a lehnga choli, other times, it is all about funky maatha pattis, but what if your bestie reveals that the theme of her wedding is ‘Long locks’?

What do you do?

Clipping on extensions is an option, but growing them out is a more natural and healthier way. And that’s what Sunsilk’s latest advertisement suggests.

The brand recently released its latest variant called Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Shampoo “fortified with Biotin”. Yes, Biotin – the magical ingredient that helps make your hair, nails, and skin look healthy! The supplement your khala used to buy in bulk for you when she visited from the US. Biotin doesn’t just promote hair growth, it adds more life to it. Which is why it’s often referred to as hair food.

FYI: Average hair growth is 1.25 cm a month but lack of nourishment comes in the way.

Sunsilk’s latest shampoo uses Biotin and promises that your hair will grow up to four centimetres in just three months.

Don’t believe us? Check out their TVC:

Does the ad film convey the message loud and clear? Yes!

Does it convince us to buy the shampoo? Not really.

The growth (and the theme) shown in the TVC is too dramatic to be real. The bestie grew a good 12 inches in a month or so. She practically doubled her length, which is stretching it too far. But that’s what TVCs are for and we can clearly see the disclaimer: Creative Visualisation. So, we’ll get over it.

The theme, however, is another issue altogether. When the bride-to-be tells her friend happily, “Pink lehnga and lambay baal”, we can’t help but condone her bossiness. How can you force someone to grow their hair? What if she wants a sport her edgy bob at the wedding?

Apart from these little disagreements with the creative team, we like the execution and the glossy lives shown in the TVC. It is aspirational advertising done right, because, trust us, wedding preps are not as glamorous as shown in the ad, and neither do you walk around chatting with your bestie in your office. But who wouldn’t want to live this life?

A life where you can get long hair just like that, invite friends over (presumably from another continent) over one simple Skype call, and organise fancy outdoor weddings!