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This Week Has Been SO GOOD For Pakistani Music

Step aside Despacito

This past week was especially great for Pakistani music as we discovered one interesting composition after another. It was a big moment for up and coming singers like Jannat Sohail from Nescafe Basement’s All Girl’s Band as well as some of our old greats, namely Abida Parveen. So put your headphones on and crank up the volume because this shit is going to blow up!

Phool Khil Jayien by Abida Parween and Asrar Shah

This Rangreza OST faced a tough time, because it wasn’t as Abida-Parween-esque as people expected it to be. We agree. But that can’t stop us from listening to this one (most probably on repeat) during our lonely drive back home.

It is the perfect sunset song!

Wooly and the Uke’s Circus

Jannat Sohail’s vocals – coupled with the overall feel of the video – might end up taking you to the road which you don’t wish to travel, so beware. It is a song full of emotions and will make you think hard about your life decisions. If you’re in a beep-all mood, go ahead and listen to this one.

Directed by Awais Gohar and Hamza Bin Tahir, the video is full of interesting angles and dark connotations.

“Wait for them to end the show

You’ll be dead before you know…”

Heavy but sooo good. Tune into it late at night when your insomnia doesn’t let you sleep.

Akhtar Chanal is back with Fanoos

One needs a quick lift me up after listening to Circus, so we present you Fanoos! This upbeat song, featuring Akhtar Chanal and Zohaib Kazi, is full of incomprehensible jargon but then so was Gangnam Style!

This Patari number was made to wake you up during your morning drive to work or college!

Ali Sethi’s soulful Mohabbat Karne Wale

It’s monsoon season you guys, in case you hadn’t noticed and were bundled inside your rooms with curtains drawn shut. It is time to open those curtains, tilt your comfiest sofa towards the window, grab a cup of chai, and listen to the pitter patter of raindrops along with Ali Sethi’s soulful vocals:

“Agar kuch mashware ba-ham na hote

Teri mehfil mein lekin hum na honge…”

Mohabbat Karne Wale Kam Na Honge was originally sung by the ghazal maestro Mehdi Hasan, and we thank the team of Teri Raza – ARY Digital’s most recent drama serial – and Ali Sethi for re-introducing it to us.