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The REAL Story Behind The LUX Ad

Here's what happened when the three Ms arrived in Bahawalpur

The Lux’ brand team was clearly under the ‘M spell’ while designing the ad campaign for their perfumed collection. Or else why would they bring together Mawra Hocane, Maya Ali, and Mahira Khan on one platform? Maybe because these girls have a magnanimous following on social media which totals up to 5.5 million (only on Instagram). These ladies are the definition of opinion leader, so when they say, ‘Zara sa Lux is all you need’, the masses in Pakistan say amen!

We got in touch with the rand team to unravel the mystery behind choosing the three Ms and here’s what they had to say:

“The three M’s were a pleasant coincidence. Our focus was to create a trio which stands out in every aspect, whether it was their mesmerizing beauty or their exceptional talent winning accolades in the industry.”

According to the team, their selection to endorse the brand means, “they have arrived in the scene and thus are an icon of style for the elites and aspirants.”

 The REAL struggle

Naukri ki .. teh nakhra ki? #nonstop

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When asked whether the shoot at Noor Mahal was as glamorous as it looks on screen, the brand team, with a cheeky smile, admitted,

“As fascinating as the TVC looks, the shoot was nothing short of a miracle!”

Turns out shooting a TVC in Bahawalpur in this heat is definitely not a bed of ‘hypnotic’ roses and ‘charming’ magnolia. Apart from handling the crowd that gathered (thanks to Instagram and word of mouth), to fawn over the three beauties, the team faced buckets loads of issues, amongst which the scorching heat was the least of their concerns.

We have arrived ! 👊🏻💖⚡️ #TeamM #Dream shoot ⭐️ 😍 x

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While it was challenging for the actresses to keep their composure and look stunning in the heat, it was the dress trials that almost created ‘history’.

“The team had envisioned the starlets in a certain manner and achieving those looks required meticulous fittings and passion in every stitch,” revealed the brand team. ‘The absolute horror was when the clothes could not reach Bahawalpur on time due to flight cancellation. The shoot patterns had to be changed within hours and the time wasted was rearranged by The Vision Factory.”


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To our absolute amazement, we got to know that, “the dresses were stitched at the shoot once they struggled their way to Bahawalpur.”

Now we know why Asim was on his knees trying to stitch that unruly flower on Mawra’s dress.

Nevertheless, the stars donned them with elegance, making them look like a dream.

Who chose the scents for Mahira, Maya, and Mawra?

Speaking of the TVC, it starts on a dreamy note (as all LUX ads do) with the music we’ve all begun to love. It shows three insanely popular celebrities remembering the most coveted moments of their career – Mahira’s pehla  aansoo, Maya’s woh ek adaa, and Mawra’s ek muskaan” – and comparing it with Lux’ scents.

What sort of scents are we talking about here? Hypnotic Rose, which claims to be as hypnotic as Mahira Khan, Charming Magnolia as charming as Mawra, and Elegant Gardenia as elegant as Maya Ali.

According to the brand team, “each variant and their personalities were well matched with the celebrities which reflected well in our TVC.”

Now, that’s a tall claim to make! Let’s try out the soap bars – which contain scented oils, hence, the soap won’t be drying – and see for ourselves.

But first, let’s have a look at the ad featuring the three gorgeous Ms.

This post was produced in partnership with LUX.