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Three Of The Trendiest Beauty Looks From PLBW

From sparkling lips to crazy-cool hair

By Sherazade Khan

PLBW may be well behind us, but we’re still reeling from all the awesomeness that was bombarded our way! The Hocane sisters may have stolen the show with their impromptu bhangra, or at least tied with Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali’s guest appearance, but it was the edgy beauty looks that have stayed with us.

While we did see our fair share of ‘nude lips with smokey eye’ combos, makeup artists didn’t shy away from adding a little sparkle, quite literally, to the makeup looks.

Here are some of the statement beauty looks that are doable yet allow you to push the envelope a teeny bit.

Glitter Them Lips & Eyes

Are you ready to razzle and dazzle? Glitz and glamour is what it’s all about this season! We’ve all heard of highlighting the inner corner of the eye with a shimmery eye shadow or a bright eye liner, but have you ever considered putting bits of sparkles on your eyes?

Consider it right now!

Models sported gold sparkles decorating the inner eye with bold metallic red eye shadow smudged on the outer corner. And it doesn’t end on that!

Dab a little glitter (the opalescent kind is best!) on to your nude lips or be more daring and go for a vivacious red lip with eye-catching sparkles of the same shade.

Get Slick!

Are you the person who absolutely hates sitting on that dreaded black chair while a hairdresser tugs and pulls at your hair, trying to make it look ‘effortless’? We have good news for you.

The just-got-out-of-the-shower look is back in vogue. All it requires is your fingers and some hair wax, at least that’s what we’ve heard.

To add a little more spunk, wear bold accessories like Ali Xeeshan’s signature specs and keep the makeup dewy and natural to complete the look.

Bun, Braid, why not both?

Life sometimes warrants getting a little crazy, doesn’t it? What’s the fun in doing the same old hair-dos? Why not mix things up with this funky braid and bun combo?

We’re not talking Princess Leah buns. Nope.

Shamsha Hashwani’s show had models sporting braids looped (skywards) through perfectly round, supremely neat jooras! You can wear the bun high or low and experiment with the knots. For a killer effect, pair it with a low-cut sexy, back!

There you have it ladies! What are you waiting for? It’s time to get fabulous!