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Three Pakistani Men Tell Us Exactly What They Think Of The Latest Trends

Their critiques will crack you up


By Maheen Bajwa

You may know what the latest trends are but does your beau? We at Women’s Own thought it would be fun to do a social experiment where we asked three intelligent men, all brilliant in their respective fields, to weigh in on the latest trends in the fashion circuit.

Abdul Haye, Brand Manager Colgate

AbdulHayeI don’t know anything about clothes… Well I know people should wear clothes because if they don’t they will be naked. So that’s nice.

Altamish Jiwa , Sports Anchor

Altamash JiwaWe all know the importance of first impressions and for me a girl’s fashion sense sets the first impression… but that doesn’t mean I know anything about women’s fashion!

Danish Ali, Comedian 

Danish AliFashion is my passion if I were an Alien…

Black Kaftan Jacket and pants


Syed Abdulhaye: A couple of weeks ago, a crane landed in my backyard (long story). It was beautiful, but pretty scary. In a day it took over my backyard, and we were merely visitors in its locality. Every time someone would go near it, it would spread its wings, ready to attack. So we would just observe its beauty from a distance. This girl looks like that crane.

Altamash Jiwa: An elegant outfit to go skydiving in for sure but definitely avoid wearing the heels.

Danish Ali: Black kapray wali aunty – I love this piece as it looks like cat woman’s maternity clothes. This is the outfit you wear when you are dating Batman and you don’t feel good about yourself.

Black Koti and Shalwar


Syed AbdulHaye: This is the female version of the patent Pakistani man suit. White Khameez Shalwar with Koti, without the Khameez and Mustache. I don’t understand it, I don’t have reasons to define why I don’t but that’s how my man brain works.

Altamash Jiwa: Like a Boss!

Danish Ali: This woman has clearly stolen Aladdin’s pants. She asked the genie in the lamp for a shirt as the first wish and a triangle as the second wish. But he combined the two into one wish.

Off shoulder teal color lehnga choli

IMG_8081Syed Abdulhaye: I don’t know what else to say but “wow!” I mean the dress is blingy, it’s long, and it covers all the right spots. Why is it so long? What if she trips on it? For guys it’s all about taking yourself out of complicated situations and not putting yourself into one! Also, I don’t know why this blue dress is called teal.

Altamash Jiwa: A sexy and elegant twist to the traditional stuff I see at weddings.

Danish Ali: This dress is also used by navy seals to camouflage them when at sea. King Neptune also wore it to a fancy dress party once. I think Miss Mahira spotted some cake to her right.

Off shoulder white pompom top


Syed Abdulhaye: This is a great top, unless you have to raise your hand for something. I don’t know how that would work. The lower looks very well ventilated and great for running away from guys like me. Also, I miss Samurai Jack.

Altamash Jiwa: Sporty! Bring it on!!

Danish Ali: This dress is basically an inspirational gym outfit in that you buy it and then you work out enough to fit into it. She must be very motivated.