10 Most Read Stories in April

Let’s find out what you guys like to read about!

Kurtas! Yes, our readers take their fashion and mummy status quite seriously, but they’re also interested in knowing about things which they don’t know about. Don’t feel puzzled and have a look at our ten most read stories in April to understand what we’re talking about.

Top 10 Kurtas For April

This story was ahead of everything else by a huge margin. That’s because kurtas play an integral role in every Pakistani woman’s life and we can never have enough inspiration when it comes to this essential piece of garment.

Everything You Don’t Know About The LSA

Now you know what we were on about earlier. If you’re interested in Pakistan’s showbiz and want to know what actually goes on behind the scenes then you ought to click the link above.

Say Hello To Statement Sleeves

You guys didn’t just say hello, you welcomed the statement sleeves with open arms. From adding layers, frills to slits, this article gives you a million ideas to make a statement with your sleeves.

Celebs Just Made The Dupatta A Statement

We love to make statements now don’t we? The fact that yet another story featuring a fashion trend makes it to the top 10 is proof enough that we do indeed take our style seriously. You need to read this article if you want to stand out in that next shendi or dholki!

Meet The Most Followed Makeup Artist In Pakistan

Anam Falak has over a million followers on social media and those followers proved their loyalty. Anam shares top makeup tips, her journey, and much more in this interview so if you’re a makeup enthusiast (and even if you’re not) head to the story now.

Gul Ahmed’s Latest Collection Smells Soo Good

Anything that smells good is a winner. The retail giant has introduced a lawn collection that looks good, feels good, and smells even better. Read all about it here.

Some of Natasha’s Favourite Organic Products

“Go green”, is the motto for the new century and everyone’s trying to follow it religiously. Also, it certainly helps when a gorgeous makeup artist pours her organic skincare secrets out. Natasha Khalid has glowing skin and after reading the article you can have it too!

10 Best Dressed Celebrities At LSA Illustrated

Instead of boring you with pictures of the red carpet, we brought to you our take on the best dressed celebrities with the help of acclaimed Illustrator, Samya Arif, and guess what? You guys loved it!

How To Spot A Desi Yummy Mummy

It’s easy, fun, and now you can read all about it on our site. P.s. It might also help you become a Yummy Mummy yourself, so if you’re interested click here.

Top 10 Picks From Bridal Couture Week 2017

What is one things that’s constant in Pakistan apart from load shedding? Weddings! Loads and loads of them in every season and every possible place you can imagine. So, it is isn’t surprising that people love to read about what’s ‘IN’ in the bridal couture world. And since our taste in fashion is exemplary, people love to go through our picks.