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Top 5 Things To Do When You’re Just Not Feeling It

“Why so serious?”

By Rabeeya Seemul Latif

Yes, we just used that infamous Joker line on you because we want you to stop taking yourself too seriously. Have you ever found yourself sprawled on your comfy couch for hours at length? If yes, then don’t worry. All of us have our off days when we either sleep too little, get into a fight with our best friends, or are forced to have aubergine (bengan) for lunch. You might feel like all the strength has drained out of you or the world can be a better place if only you were allowed to kill one person. But don’t feel bad and don’t kill anyone, we’ve got the cure for those Monday (or any day) blues.

Here are some suggestions which will help you release endorphins AKA happy hormones in one, two three…

Eat Ice cream…loads of it!

Imagine you’re sitting in front of a pool full of ice-cream and a sprinkler hurling your favourite toppings in every direction. We’re sure the thought alone has spread a smile across your dismal face. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Willy Wonka in our lives but the good news is that ice cream exists in every possible flavor imaginable. So, get out of your bed (even if it’s in your old, worn out PJs), drown your sorrows in spoonsful of your favorite ice cream, and shun those who tell you otherwise, because you do not need that kind of negativity in your life!

Treat yourself

Aziz Ansari could not have said it better: “Treat Yo Self”. It can really change us for the better. So take time out for yourself. If you like a new dress, buy it! If you want a pet, get it! If you want a day off from work, take it! (Umm, well after letting your boss know of course).

The best way to make yourself feel better is to do things that make you happy. So yes, YOU, don’t you ever forget to take care of yourself!

Pet an animal

Get hold of a dog, cat, or basically anything which has fur. Why interact with people when you can just place yourself in a room full of adorable animals that love you unconditionally? The best part is that they don’t come with the burden of expectations, plus they can’t talk. So it’s a WIN-WIN situation. If you need inspiration then follow pupsinpajamas on Instagram and beware, you might find yourself bawling your eyes out after watching all those adorable videos.

Take a Nap

I think the longest, most consistent relationship I’ve ever had, is with my bed.

Can’t solve a problem? Go to bed.

Ate too much on your cheat day? Sleep it off.

Want to ignore your boyfriend/girlfriend? Take a nap.

I promise you, sleep is the universal answer to all your problems.

Positive reinforcement

Wake up in the morning, put on some fancy clothes, look in the mirror, and let yourself know of all the things you admire about yourself. If you are not kind to yourself, who else will be? It is important to feel confident about yourself and believe in yourself. The only person stopping you from moving ahead is your self-doubt and fear.

So put on your sunglasses, plug in your headphones, and strut out to take over the world. And don’t you dare say, “Yaar, I’m just not feeling IT!”