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Top Five Makeup Buys For The Month

It's time to splurge

0.09% (the figure is highly skewed to support our argument) of the female population across the globe has flawless skin. Rest of us are left to the mercy of our Laura Mercier translucent powder, Becca Opal highlighter, and LA Girl Pro concealers. We can’t thank Cleopatra enough for introducing the earliest form of brow gel: a mixture of powdered lead sulphide and animal fat. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way and animal fat is now restricted to Paaye and Nihari.

But now, we have a gazillion options to choose from – be it high-end or drugstore – which make makeup shopping a tiring process. Whether to buy Huda Beauty lipstick or Kylie Lip kit? Why not both? The questions are endless.

Hence we bring you our top five picks for the month! Feel free to steal them.

Stila Liquid Glittery Eyeshadow

How many pictures of gold glittering eye makeup have you saved on your phone? How many times have you decided, ‘I’m going to rock the glittery look’, to that next party? Multiples times for sure, because glittering eyes call out to you just like molten lava cakes calls out to a person on a strict diet.

It is time to cave in.

Image courtesy of HelloGiggles

Stila’s liquid glittering eyeshadows make the task REALLY easy. They have a rating of 4.7 on Ulta and that says something about the ease of use and pigmentation of the eyeshadow. It glides on smoothly and then dries out completely, locking in all that sparkle!

P.s. It is devoid of Parabens and Sulphates!

It is available at Scentsation for Rs. 4-5k

Kylie Lip Kit – Dirty Peach

Like the name suggests, it is a slightly pale peach and we love it! It is best for everyday use, because of its subtleness, but will look equally gorgeous on a night out, especially if you plan to go for a smokey eye makeup and lots of highlighter.

The lip kit contains a liquid lipstick, which dries off to a matte look, and a lip liner to define your pout. Ladies, remember to slather on a lot of Vaseline because the formula is slightly drying. But once it’s up, it stay put.

Quick tip: If you’re a working woman, try the lip pencil on its own to achieve a my-lips-but-better look.

It is available at Scentsation for Rs. 6k

Huda Beauty’s Trophy Wife

This one has two things going for it:

  1. Makeup artist Raana Khan says it is her fave summer colour.
  2. It won’t feel as if you have a layer on, like rest of the liquid lipsticks.

Trophy Wife is a deep pink shade which complements our desi skin tone and is a refreshing change from the usual reds and corals.

It is available at Scentsation for Rs. 4-5K

Anastasia Contour Kit

We are talking about the creamy formula here. While some of us might be too lazy to follow this ESSENTIAL makeup trick, we are fully aware of its potential. You can get a strong jawline, pointed nose, and structured cheekbones with a few swipes of this magical contour kit.

Image courtesy of Lily Like

It is available at Scentsation for Rs. 7-8k

Armani Privé Haute Couture Fragrance

This is a unisex perfume from the haute couture line of Giorgio Armani and is known to express the label’s “most “couture” expression”. And sure it does with its heavenly scent. If you’re looking for a signature fragrance then look no further and invest in this haute couture collection.

The fragrances are available at Scentsation for Rs. 17-34k

This post was produced in partnership with Scentsation.