Top Interior Design Trends for 2016

We consult the fabulous Saba Pervez-Dada, owner and creative genius behind interiors company Address, for her design predictions for 2016.


Mishayl Naek

What makes Saba Pervez-Dada stand out in the flood of interior designers available? This girl means business because she runs her interior concepts store like a business. After her M.Sc in International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management from the prestigious London School of Economics, Saba returned home and put that sharp mind to design. She honed in her skills with Naheed Mahooqullah and then got to serious work at Address, where her vision came to life.

Address is an interior concept store, which offers its clients complete interior design solutions,from creating false ceilings to bespoke furniture retail. Their client list spans luxury homes in Pakistan and London, two Bahria town projects, Agha Noor boutiques and has just signed the dotted line for Loreal’s new offices. Her design inspiration is so chic, that it does the impossible of marrying trendy and classic. So if you’re doing up your new place or just want to upgrade your existing abode, read on for Saba Pervez-Dada’s must-haves design elements this year:

1. Design style

The growing trend for 2016 will be ‘less is more’. The days of heavy layering, loud walls, fussy tones of fabrics are coming to an end, and interiors will be pursuing a natural, organic feel with more textural, neutral tones. In short, Saba summed it by saying 2016 will be loosely defined by a combination of traditional incorporated with modern interiors.

2. Colors palettes

This year we welcome warm hues of neutrals and creams such as alabaster, eggshell and bone. Saba further explained how these cooling colours are linked to climate change and are best suited to meet the rising global temperatures.

3. Fabrics

We can finally say goodbye to jute and find fabrics shifting focus to a more sophisticated effect, such as linens, jacquard and suede. However, to boost the neutral walls and palette, these fabrics aren’t in basic prints. Instead Saba showed us beautiful patterns such as royal blue Ikat, Houndstooth, bright Kilim, shaded Ombre and warm hues in Trellis.

4. Furniture trend

Saba personally feels home owners should follow their own individual preferences over a current rising trend. It is the room’s layout, she explained, which defines what kind of furniture or how many pieces are required. However, there are always a few key pieces that make the design rounds. Starting with a backless bench, Saba showed us how this is a great piece to add when there are two sets of furniture groups to have a flow of conversation. Similarly, a sofa back console is perfect to accessorize with lamps, candles, urns etc. Organic textures are having a bigger impact, with raw wood and unpolished petrified wood, more visible in homes in 2016.

5. Accessories

Home decor isn’t complete without the perfect home accessories. There isn’t a major change in what’s in to give that final touch and Saba recommends sticking to favourites such as a coffee table for books, vases, statement mirrors and mother of pearl accessories, which add texture and work off trends. Keep them simple but beautiful with arresting textures and depth.