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Seriously, Dump These Trends in 2016

Enough is enough. Down with fashion peer pressure!


Maheen Bajwa

As the fashion year slowly comes to an end we at Women’s Own are of the opinion that the one thing that should begin is… a clean up of all the overkill fashion of 2016! That’s right, the trends and accessories that have been over worn and have officially overstayed their welcome for at least this year. We are breaking up with the worst offenders.

The Black Choker


Aaaah! It was an exciting moment when the nostalgia ridden choker returned – especially for nineties kids! Unfortunately, the once edgy trend now looks stale proving that no matter how much you love something it just doesn’t work sometimes. Sorry black choker: “It’s not you…its us!”

The Nude Louboutin

christian-louboutin-chiara-beige-shoesBefore all the “trend setters” who wear the same shoes panic – we are not condemning Louboutins to the back of the closet. They shoes are fabulous even in all their discomfort! But those ubiquitous beige Louboutins (or the cheap knock offs) are over.  Shoe lovers: There are other heels in the sea.

The Organza Wrap

misha-lakhani-organza-wrapAt one point last year the organza wrap became the well-dressed woman’s go-to outfit. This flattering and ageless design became the little black dress of desi wear with every woman between the age of 21 and 50 are wearing the same outfit at the party!  Farewell: It was good while it lasted but we all need to move on.

The Pearl Tulip Shalwar

tulip-shalwar-with-pearlsI love the tulip shalwar and for that matter all shalwars, but the pearls need to go. Not only has every market in town started stocking the pearl-finished tulip shalwar but can also be a safety hazard. It just takes one pearl getting stuck in some nook or cranny and that is the end of the tulip and of course your izzat.  Shalwars: Keep it simple.

Machine Embroidered Kurtis

floral-machine-embroderiesCan we all agree that tacky embroidery is not allowed in 2017. There is a mess of floral and bird patterns mixed into one machine embroidered jumble that often comes as patches for lawn suits. Go back to the traditional delicate patterns which may be pricey but last longer. At the rate of mass production we cannot be sure how long the craftsmanship like this will last!  Cheap Kurtas: I need more. 

Miu Miu Sunglasses

miu-miu-sunglassesI wouldn’t be against this trend if women understood their face cuts! Not every face shape can rock the Miu Miu! Sorry: We aren’t meant to be.

Overly Ripped Jeans

the-overly-top-wripped-jeans So, I have to concede that ripped jeans are cute – but within reason. These jeans are the antithesis of covering up your trouble areas. Boyfriend Jeans: We just need space.

 Valentino Rockstud Heels

valentino-rockstudded-shoesAgain (and again) I see this heel making it’s obligatory appearance everywhere from red carpets to birthday parties. Its status as the ‘stylish stiletto’ is now just a cliche and I just may poke my eye out if I see another high street look spoiled by these Rockstuds. So sorry Valentino, as Samantha Jones once said on Sex and the City, “I love you, but I love me more.”

Let 2017 be the year of fashion diversity not fashion peer pressure!