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Meet The Top Yoga Instructors Of Karachi

Time to Get Your Zen On

Article-minBy Maheen Bajwa

Yoga for some is a way of life while for others it’s a great way to workout. Regardless, Yoga is now a go-to practice for those who want to find peace and tranquility for their mind and body. And to help you get on this bandwagon, we went out there to find the top Yogis in Karachi city. Read on and take your pick before signing up.

Salina Taqi 

“Getting to know yourself that will give you inner peace” -Salina Taqi

Salina Taqi the co-founder of Yoga X and has a team of instructors under her wing. Yoga X is Pakistan’s first hot yoga studio. Taqi is a house-hold name amongst Yoga enthusiasts in the city.  She has received her formal training in Singapore from the Russian Monk Andrey Lappa. The tranquility she felt through Yoga was nothing she had felt before, as she told WO, “It was beyond physical.”In Article-4-min

Jeannette Faruque 

“Find positivity from within or you will never find inner peace. You can only attract inner peace from within.” – Jeanette Faruque 

Jeanette Faruque is the owner and founder of Studio X and co-founder with Salina Taqi at Yoga X. Jeannette has been a gym instructor for over 14 years and has been instructing Yoga for the past 10. If you want to take up high intensive yoga workouts, she is your go-to Yogi.Untitled-1

Raasti Said 

“By letting go of expectations and remembering that you are the greatest vehicle for your own happiness, you will achieve inner peace.” -Raasti Said

Raasti Said teaches at AQ Power Yoga – the first studio to bring the power yoga practice to Karachi. You can find her at the studio on Monday and Thursday from 6:45pm-8pm. She started practicing yoga “obsessively” after she graduated from college in the US. This was a period in her life where she did not have a job and was still deciding which direction she wanted to take her career in. She eventually became addicted to her time on the mat as it gave her that ‘fix’ she was looking for. She continued her practice even once she moved back home to Karachi; her dream of becoming a Yoga instructor became a reality when Aqeel Amin (CEO and Founder of AQ) told Raasti she had the skill to become an instructor and would personally train her and the rest is history. Raasti is now a favorite at AQ!In Article-1-min

Sarah Quettawala 

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference”. -Reinhold Niebuhr (Quoted by Sarah Quettawala)

Sarah Quettawala currently teaches at her home on Tipu Sultan road. Sarah has been practicing for the last three years and has been teaching it since a year and half. She has two hundred hours of Vinyasa flow training and thirty hours of Yin training from Malaysia. Sarah’s mantra is to “slow down and enjoy life both on and off the mat.”In Article-5-min

Anum Ahmed 

“Never forget to breathe.” -Anum Ahmed 

Anum Ahmed provides private classes at Core gym and at her home in KDA. The Yogi received her training in Nepal where she received 200 hours of Yoga training. In a typical session, she mainly teaches Hatha and Vinayasa and in the last three minutes she does Nidre or Shivasana.  She actually got into yoga so she could touch her toes! It was from there that she began her spiritual journey in Yoga. For Anum, Yoga is a prerequisite to a good life, not only the physical aspect but also its complete entity. On clients’ request she offers meditation and prananayama sessions too. Now doesn’t that sound amazing? In Article-3-min

Amafah Mubashir 

“Stop thinking about the future. Think of all the things that need to be done now. Stay in the present.” -Amafah Mubashir 

Amafah Mubashir teaches at MUV Base and Studio X twice a week at each studio. You can contact her through her Instagram account. Amafah began her Yoga teaching career roughly two years ago after she left her 9 to 5 advertising job. She began on a small scale and then eventually pursued Yoga teaching certification from Thailand.  She has been trained for Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga and she enjoys infusing the two for her students. Amafah claims that her students predominately come to her to de-stress and when a student enters her class they are supposed to shut down their minds and focus on their practice and intention. Now that’s a class we want to take.In Article-2-min