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Trailer Review: Punjab Nahi Jaungi Looks Very Very Filmi

Does the trailer convince us to watch the film?

Synchronised bhangra, twirling in the rain, and a killer moustache; Punjab Nahi Jaungi’s trailer is full of desi clichés, but does this little fact dampen our excitement for one of the most awaited movies of the year? Not really. With a name like Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Nadeem Baig’s directorial venture wasn’t going to be a philosophical journey.

It seems like it’s going to be a fun ride and the trailer suggests exactly that.

After watching Mehwish Hayat, Humayun Saeed, and Urwa Hocane arrive in a shiny buggy at the trailer launch; we weren’t expecting much, but after watching this trailer, we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t mind watching PNJ on the big screen. In fact, we might even pre-book our tickets!

The cast of Punjab Nahi Jaungi arrives in style at the trailer launch! Trailer out now! Link in bio #punjabnahijaungi

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So, what happens when you click the play button on the trailer?

You are blinded by a lot of color, picturesque rural locations, and the gabru jawan that is Humayun Saeed. This not-so-young man has recently passed his matriculation exam and apparently this calls for a mujra – a desi dance party where a woman dances provocatively while men sit and stare. We wonder what happens when a girl passes her matric exams in this family?

Speaking of the women who belong to this dodgy Punjabi family, Urwa Hocane plays the role of a doting cousin. Apparently, she has the hots for Saeed’s character and he’s also seen having a time of his life bhangra-o-fying around with her. But all of a sudden, his paindo heart decides to revolt!

Enter Mehwish Hayat as Amal. She’s the city girl who comes with a boyfriend – played by Azfar Rahman – and a mother who has a soft spot for Saeed’s character. How do we know that? Well, instead of telling him off when he says, “Jeet Kay Jaunga ya jeet ke dikhaonga”, she gives him an encouraging smile.

Umm, dear lady are you aware that the guy with the moustache and a slightly shady air about him is talking about forcing himself upon your daughter?

His mission to woo Amal leads to a series of action-packed events – dancing in the rain, fighting in the rain, and crying in the rain. Eventually, everything falls apart and Hayat’s character decides, “Mein Punjab kabhi nahi jaungi!”

OMG! Since getting married and living in Karachi is apparently a punishable offence, what will the gabru jawan do now? Marry his pink as a pastry cousin (Urwa Hocane)? Kill Hayat’s boyfriend? Travel to the Himalayas to live a lonely tragic life?

To know the answers to these questions, you’ll have to head to your nearest cinema on bari Eid. Punjab Nahi Jaungi’s trailer lacks the usual punch that comes with a Khalilur Rehman script, because we didn’t notice any mind blowing dialogues in it. Let’s hope the film is an entirely different story (read script).

Watch the trailer here: