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Trend Spotting: We’re Talking Tassels And Fringes

When fashion meets the 70s’

By Ariba Dangra

Knock knock! Who’s there? The 70s’! We all know that flared pants, sleeves, and bell bottoms are trending big time. But the two 70s’ trends that are hanging (pun intended) in the fashion scene since the last few seasons and show no chance of fizzling out are fringes and tassels. Because, let’s face it, pearls, stones, and embroidery isn’t catching anyone’s attention anymore so let’s get hangin!

We spotted a lot of designers using tassels and fringes in their latest collections. Instead of being overwhelmed by the trend, let’s have a look at our picks for the season and get inspired!

With a little touch of fringes here and a tassel hanging there, Ansab Jehangir’s outfits are a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Here you go girl, we’ve found you the perfect outfit for your next night out.

Short kurtis and tulip shalwars are besties for life.


This combination is the current favourite for designers like Zehra Saleem, Wardha Saleem and Rema & Shehrbano. But it isn’t as unexciting as it sounds, thanks to the hottest trends in town: tassels and fringes.   

FYI: Tassels are not just for shorter lengths. Amna Arshad shows us how you can pair them with long shirts and even kaftans! 

If you’re looking for something easy on the pocket but want to sport the latest trend then head to cross stitch. Their latest collection includes a number of tasseled beauties.  

If you think tassels and fringes are only for cool, hip wear then look at this Elan number and reset your tassel-o-meter. They look equally relevant on a formal outfit.

Pro-Tip: If you have any boring formal clothes hanging in your closet waiting to see the light of the day, then takes those to your master saab and tell him to add a line of tassels to the hemline! 

White is the safest yet exciting choice of colour out there. It looks good on anyone and everyone and gives you room to go crazy with experimentation. This Faraz Manan coat with tassels is perfect for a summer wedding.