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Upgrade Your Sari with a Dupatta

Generation shows us how


By Anam Mansuri

Off late, we at the Women’s Own office have been collectively fashion-geeking out over every new collection Generation comes up with. On a recent trip to Lahore we visited their HQ and asked them to show us what they were up to for Eid. To our delight they’re coming up with a range of saaris and duppattas for their new “Misri” collection. Obviously we had to try them on!

Little did we know we could wear both of these clothing items TOGETHER!

Khadija Rahman, creative director at Generation gave us a little style lesson on how to make a saari look SO much cooler with a simple dupatta. Here are four styling tips you probably never in your wildest sartorial dreams thought to put together. Mind = blown.

  • In the first look the dupatta is styled as a make shift wrap over the sari, covering the arms and shoulders adding a bit of mystery to the silhouette.


  • The second variation takes a more traditional approach with the dupatta draped over the elbows, creating a classic silhouette while adding an eccentric accent to the sari.


  • The third look ventures on the experimental side with a two-in-one ensemble: an elegant sari from the back and a layered draped look from the front, achieved simply by draping the dupatta around the neck and belting it at the waistline.

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  • This sleek look takes inspiration from the red carpet. The secret is tying the dupatta over the forearms in an elegant bow at the back.


  • Sabeen Ghazi

    I think saris are so elegant!
    Excited to see street style embrace
    these vintage silhouettes.
    Will be raiding my naanis trunk!