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Want Luscious Long Hair? Eat Some Walnuts

Snacking on nuts can help your hair grow

ArticleBy Mashaal Rana

Finally got that angular bob you’ve been hankering for so long? But now its three months into your new hairdo and you are desperately missing those long locks. Don’t worry, we’ve been there, done that. Because after all, how many different ways are there to style that #Rihannabob? Not many at all. So, what can we do to sort out this everyday situation of (as some may refer to) ‘hair misery’?

To help you in your quest to grow your hair longer and stronger, we teamed up with Fitfibre’s in-house nutritionist, Taiba Zulfiqar, certified in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. For hair health, Zulfiqar suggests eating walnuts. “Walnuts are packed with antioxidants, biotin, and Omega 3 fatty acid.

“The protein content in walnuts helps boost hair follicles, making hair stronger and also helps reduce hair fall.” AMAZING right? But beware of overdosing on this natural hair-boosting nut. As Zulfiqar explains: “You should not consume more than 30 g of nuts per day; this is approximately as many as can fit in the palm of your hand.”
In-ArticleSo, you can literally snack your way (and that too in a healthy manner) to long hair. And there’s another good news for all you health enthusiasts out there –  walnuts are one of those power nuts that can help you shed those extra pounds, “I recommend my clients to take 10-12 kernels of these in their weight loss plans”, Zulfiqar tells WO. “Having nuts between meals helps curb your cravings; the fat and fibre content of nuts makes them a filling snack.”

Thinking of hitting Empress Market to get some walnuts? Don’t be surprised if we bump into you there!