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Was Pakistan’s First Superhero Film So Bad It Had To Be Taken Down?

The film gets postponed AFTER a premiere!

So what do you do when your film doesn’t meet your expectations? You go back to the editing board, add and subtract some scenes and make it presentable. But that happens before the outside world lays eyes on the project, not after you invite around 400 guests to the premiere! Because you don’t need an audience to hold your hand while you go through the first draft. The director and producer can do it in the privacy of their editing room and save themselves from catastrophes like the one that was Project Ghazi’s premiere last night. Yes, Pakistan’s first ever super hero film is in dire need of a super miracle to save it making history.

Project Ghazi is the first ever film which has been postponed after a big, fat premiere! The question arises: Why hadn’t the makers seen the final cut before the premiere and if they had, why didn’t they take the decision to postpone it there and then?

In case you missed the drama, here’s what happened at the premiere.

Journalists, bloggers, the cast, crew, and media personalities gathered to witness a sci-fi wonder, but what they got instead was, what some describe, a 90-minute BTS footage of the film. The makers even failed to convince the viewers that all those three people were there in one room when clearly they weren’t. Cheat scenes happen in every film BUT the audience should never felt cheated. And that’s what the audience felt yesterday.

Everyone who attended the premiere was left traumatized. Here’s what Entertainment Journalist, Maliha Rahman had to say.

And here’s a detailed review of Project Ghazi by Dawn Images’ Web Editor, Hamna Zubair:

While there were a lot of cons to the movie like choppy editing, lack of coherence, and absence of scenes that establish the conflict, we’d like to believe that there must be at least a few pros. unfortunately, there were none. So now we know there’s a reason why Humayun Saeed – one of the lead actors of Project Ghazi – had to use his sources at ISPR to stop the film from releasing; at least that’s what the rumours suggest.

According to Saeed’s interview to Dawn Images, the film needs, “four to six months’ worth of work to make a comeback”. Woah! That’s a long time for re-editing a film. That naturally leads us to ask the question: What exactly do they plan to do – reshoot it or re-edit it?

The film’s PR agency says that the “technical issues of the film are being rectified before it is released commercially”. But a little birdie tells us that there are reels and reels of footage which can be added (or subtracted) to reshape the film, so in short, there won’t be any reshoot happening.

If you were one of those eager souls who pre-booked their tickets, our heart goes out to you because Project Ghazi is postponed for a good three months or more.