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Watch SRK Groove to Pakistani Songs

Asking for a Coca Cola was never this sexy!

By Rozina Bhutto

This morning, our headphones vibrated to Nach Punjaban but our laptop screen showed Shahrukh Khan and Malaika Arora (well, her posterior actually) grooving to the beat. And it was the best thing ever.

Relax, the Indian stars haven’t developed a sudden taste for Haq’s bhangra (or maybe they have, we don’t know for sure.) What we do know, is that Patari decided to dub Pakistani songs on Shahrukh Khan and the result was hilarious.

From the quirky Zalima Coca Cola Pila De to the mellow Har Zulm, Khan and his leading ladies didn’t miss a beat. Let’s have a look.

We’ve finally found someone who can dance to the rather misogynistic song, Nach Punjaban, with more feeling than Abrar Ul Haq himself.

Who thought a simple task/act like requesting for a Coke could be this sexy!

Apparently, Patari’s team took “Saahil pe kharay ho” a little too literally. Hence, we spot SRK walking dopily into the sea as he remembers Paro’s har zulm.

Add a sweaty, determined guy, a crowd chanting nonsense, and a woman bawling her heart out; and you’ve got a perfect video for Hai Jazba Junoon.

Jawad Ahmed may not be determined about reinventing his musical career, but SRK looks dead sure that he wants his dholna (lover) back.

Musarrat Nazir’s classic Laung Gawacha just got re-invented and guess what? It’s nothing about the laung (nose pin) and all about the booty.

Abid Brohi and Somewhat Super’s Sibbi song is more apt for the situation than Tujhe Dekha Tou Ye Sanam.

Disclaimer: Before you throw rotten tomatoes our way (or Patari’s way) for messing with the cult classic, let us explain that first verse of the song means “When will we meet”. And wasn’t that the question on Raj and Simran’s mind when they met in that beautiful place in the middle of nowhere?

The trio – Miss Evil, Miss Goody Two Shoes, and the Clueless Happy Boy – ended the mashup with a flourish.

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