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Water Marbling: A Step by Step Guide

Quick and easy nail art


By Tanya Muzaffar

Nail art is back and it’s bigger and better than it ever was. Frivolous flowers and simple checker patterns have effectively been replaced by some serious artwork. Fancy designs and techniques such as glassing, chroming (Gigi Hadid at the Met) and oil spill nails are just a few techniques gaining popularity, and nail artists, around the world, are competing with celebrities for Insta follows. Here is a rather simple nail art technique that looks gorg and is easy to do at home.

Things you need:

  • A paper cup with filtered water
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Bamboo sticks
  • An assortment of nail polishes

Here’s what you do:

    1. Prep your nail with a white basecoat. This gives the marble a base for the colours to pop out on.


    1. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly around your nail to protect the surrounding skin from the varnish.


    1. In your cup of water, build your bull’s-eye. Add a drop of nail varnish into the centre of the cup and continue to drop each colour in the centre until you’ve made a bull’s-eye.


    1. Using the bamboo stick, drag it through the bull’s-eye to create a swirling pattern. Be sure not to over swirl as you may create a mess than a pattern.


    1. Now pick a spot in the pattern and dip your finger (nail side down) into it.


    1. Hold it there for a few seconds and use the bamboo stick to pick up the surrounding nail varnish ‘skin’.


    1. Lift your nail out and wipe away the excess varnish from around your nail.


    1. Apply a topcoat and marvel at your fancy new nails!