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We Ask Celebrities Their Favourite Nazia Hassan Song

Is it Aap Jaisa Koi or Disco Deewane?

By Hafsa Saeed

It has been 17 years since Pakistan’s first female pop star Nazia Hassan left us on this very day, but her music lives on. Her songs are timeless. It doesn’t matter which generation one belongs to, whoever listens to her music, falls in love with it instantly. This year, on her death anniversary, we reached out to a few female celebrities to know their favourite Nazia Hassan song. Everyone has one, you can’t deny that. It turns out, two of them trusted the singer inside and belted out a stanza of their favourite song while the other two were too shy.

Zhalay reveals Sun Mere Mehbub is her favourite and when she sings the melodious lovey dovey numberwe must admit that she does a pretty good job.

The veteran actress, Maria Wasti, didn’t sing the song for us, but at least now we know her favourite is Ajnabi. Well, that’s a surprising choice and not a song that many know about.

Juggun Kazim, another celebrity who doesn’t trust her vocal capabilities, told us she loves to listen to Aap Jaisa Koi. This is the song which put Hassan on the world map and got her the Filmfare Best Playback Singer award!

Sarwat Gilani’s favourite is Ankhein Milane Wale. Isn’t this song everyone’s favorite? When we told her she sounds lovely, she didn’t agree.

Another celebrity who loves Aankhen Milane Wale is Hira Tareen and who wouldn’t love this song with its amazing chorus:

“Mein Jawaan

Mein Haseen

Meray Paas Kya nahii…”