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This Is Mahira’s Favourite Skincare Brand

Hint: It is a cult favourite!

What is that one thing we ladies desire the most? Nope, it isn’t weight reducing chocolate lava cake (although we wouldn’t mind if anyone invents one). It is to have absolutely gorgeous, smooth, and poreless glowing skin! Any beauty product that claims to do so finds an important place on our dresser. And those claims either come from beauty bloggers or celebrities. This time we’ve got to know the secret behind Mahira Khan’s ever flawless skin.

And it is Kiehl’s (and ROC as well)! Yes, the skincare brand many people swear by has made a place in Mahira Khan’s morning and night skincare regimen. The Pakistani celebrity was recently interviewed by Vogue India because who doesn’t want to know the secret behind Khan’s flawless skin? We surely did and while we were already aware of  her love for Mac’s Ruby Woo and honey plus lemon mask, we didn’t know which night or day cream she uses. But now we finally know it all!

“I don’t believe in over-cleansing. I wash my face with plain water in the morning followed by Kiehl’s moisturiser with SPF,” she shares while explaining her beauty routine. “Before bed, I cleanse with Bioderma Sensibio H2O or pure almond oil, followed by Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser, ROC anti-ageing night cream or Rodin face oil. I must admit I love face oils – many times I’ll end up applying just almond oil at night.”

In addition to using these products and almond oil, Mahira also has the habit of icing her face before applying any makeup so that her pores shrink and the makeup artist has a smooth canvas to work on. And if you want MK’s signature flushed cheeks and voluminous eyelashes, then get your hands on Bobbi Brown Pink Coral blush and !

Another reason for her glowing skin is her mother! Yes, according to Mahira, “I was not allowed to wear makeup, not even as teen. I used to get very upset about it then, but now when I think back I thank my mom for saving my skin!”

There you have it; a beauty and makeup routine that screams less is more! Read the complete interview below.

Image source for the article is Mahira Khan’s Facebook page.