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We Tried Hell Pore And Here’s What We Think

Does this mask take away all your open dirty pores to hell?

There is no way people are taking skin care products called Heavenly Skin or No Zits seriously compared to this latest product that we triedWhen it comes to delivering what the name claims to do, Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask gets a hefty nine out of ten!

The peeling off process of this Korean beauty takes you to hell and back AND it actually CLEANS up your skin. Blackheads, what are those?

Our Editor tried the mask, appeared at work with squeaky clean skin, and inspired us to do the same. Before we could restrain our crazy selves, we were off to the loo slathering the grey concoction on.

After fifteen minutes and pulling our epidermis off, we threw a few questions our way to be absolutely sure that Hell-Pore works.

What is the first thought that comes to your mind as soon as the mask is off?

Editor: Are my sideburns there? The peel-off mask ripped my side burns off BUT it took all the gunk out too so I’m happy.

Social Media Manager: Fresh out of the oven, that’s how I felt. It wasn’t as painful as I expected it to be [she says this after loads of oohs and aaahs]. It was a fun experience nonetheless.

Assistant Editor: Guys, it’s not that painful. It feels like I’ve got a chemical peel done in 15 minutes and I got to hear things like your skin looks brighter so I guess we’re good!

Were the blackheads gone?

Editor: Yesss!

[What else does one desire of? Excuse us as we head to Skin Masquerade to place an order for this mask.]

Social Media Manager: I think so. I was too focused on taking off the mask, I forgot to check the peels for all the gunk, but nose does look clean. [FYI, her skin’s glowing.]

Assistant Editor: Yes. My peel was full of them BUT they’re not all gone. Sadly, my nose is still hosting a blackhead party and that’s probably because I’ve let them stay here longer than I should’ve.

We bet you weren’t able to stop touching your skin or looking at yourself in the mirror. What else did you notice?

Editor: My face was a little red afterwards because of all the pulling and tugging. My nose was super squeaky clean. My nose looked [and felt] really nice and that was great because usually, it’s a real pain in the ass.

Social Media Manager: I walked into work after lunch and the first thing that grabbed my attention was how my coworker’s skin looked so incredibly clear! I took a double and just creepily stared at her. My friend noticed that I had a few blackheads missing but in the end it was a fun “cleansing” experience.

Assistant Editor: My face is still tingling so if you have sensitive skin stay away from your cheeks and jawline. It does feel clean though and I’d use it again to get rid of the remaining blackheads. I’d suggest you apply a thick layer for an easier experience.

It works like magic! Now everyone in the office wants to try @theskinmaskuerade! #hellporemask

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Will you recommend this product to your bestie?

Editor: Yes. But be careful and don’t put it close to your eyebrows or sideburns…unless you want to wax them off.

Social Media Manager: Yes, so she can go through this ‘experience’ too. [And she accompanies it with an evil grin.]

Assistant Editor: Yes, definitely. This thing is like magnet for your hair so make sure you wear a headband and secure it in place before applying it.

A product that takes out your blackheads, minimizes the pores, AND makes it look bright is a god sent one. And what’s the secret behind its success? Four percent charcoal. The instructions suggest that you apply the mask on your nose and surrounding areas only, so if you have sensitive skin then stay close to your nose.

You can watch the summary of our experience here while we go order one for ourselves from Skin Masquerade.