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We weren’t expecting this from Mom

Sajal’s Bollywood debut is nothing like you imagined it would be

By Rozina Bhutto

We hate to admit it but with Sajal Ali and Sri Devi pegged as the female leads, we expected Mom to be a fairly predictable crowd-pleasing emotional drama, with everyone looking pretty in pink. But the trailer is anything but that. It’s spooky, thrilling, dark AND it has us hooked!

Sri Devi, who plays the mother, runs frantically throughout the one-minute teaser from one frame to the next in a dishevelled state. She’s clearly upset about something,  and we think it has everything to do with her daughter – Sajal Ali – and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. While the former looks like a victim, the latter is a shifty character who appears twice and both the times he’s seen looking over his shoulder, as if he’s on a run, but at the same time his eyes send a completely different message: “Come find me. I’m waiting for you”.

Amidst the chaos, Mom (Sri Devi) decides to solve the issue once and for all, but that only worsens the situation. At least that’s what our experience of Bollywood movies tells us.

“Ghalat aur bohat ghalat mein se chun-na ho tou aap kya chunegai?” asks Sri Devi – her voice oozing with helpless desperation. Sounds twisted?

The teaser has us convinced, that the movie is so twisted, it could put Sherlock Holmes to shame.

That isn’t the least bit surprising because the writer Girish Kohli – a well-known fiction author who rose to fame after publishing Marathon Baba – is known for generating convoluted plot lines. Don’t believe us? Here’s what DNA India has to say about his book.

“Take everything logical that makes sense to you. Turn this knowledge upside down. Twist it. Fold it. Until it seems more jumbled up than the tiles of a Rubik’s Cube. Then perhaps you will make sense of Marathon Baba.”

While you try to solve the Rubik’s Cube, that is this trailer, we’ll shift our attention to Sajal Ali.

Her character is seen in two polar opposite scenarios – dancing crazily in a club and looking torpidly at snowflakes on top of a mountain. Does she play the role of a good girl gone bad? We can’t say for sure, but we really really want to know.

We also want to know if Adnan Siddiqui plays Sajal’s father in the movie because that’s what we deduced when we saw them hugging each other rather despondently, as if they’re saying their final goodbyes. Or maybe our brain has gone into an overdrive after seeing all that action directed by Ravi Udyawar. We’d suggest, let’s sit tight and wait for July 14th.