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We’re Addicted To Ali Azmat and QB’s Song for Cornetto Pop Rock 2

With so much star power, it’s no surprise that this track hits all the right notes

“Dekho dekho ye nazaaray, Kaheen door chamkay taaray, Dekho dekho, Kya pukaray,” belts out Ali Azmat and we can barely hold ourselves back from singing along with him. Why should we? FINALLY we have a Pakistani song that makes us feel weak in the knees again.

Cornetto pop Rock’s latest offering has that old-school Ali Azmat touch to it that would get any Junoon fan revved up. Add Quratulain Balouch’s mesmerizing vocals to this mix and you’ve got a clear winner.

Music Goes from Pop To Rock

Chal Diye starts on a low note as Ali Azmat takes us back to the prime of his career when the rock bug hadn’t bit him yet. The dreamy beginning leads to an upbeat chorus, and as soon as the tempo picks up QB enters with her trademark alaap and our love turns into addiction.

The video will make you go aww

The video takes us back to the time when he-handed-me-notes-hence-he-loves-me school of thought was reigning supreme. Thora Jee Le might’ve had the most miserable run at the box office, but it has certainly put Fatima Shah Jilani – one of the female leads – on the radar. Jilani brings puppy love back into fashion with those adorable dimples and her co-star plays the besotted lover to perfection.

Music 101: Beauty Lies In Simplicity

The lyrics might not give Wordsworth run for his money and that’s OK.  We don’t need to be decoding intense poetry every single time a song strikes our fancy.  Sometimes the simple stuff works the best.

The (Not So) Secret Recipe

Magic was bound to happen when Cornetto Pop Rock brought Balouch and Azmat together. This could partially be because they had an equally magical team behind them. Asad Ul Haq is the Executive Video Producer, the team at Shiny Toy Guns Pakistan directed the video, Omran Shafique is the music producer, and Shafique along with Royal Law has written the lyrics. Now that’s one solid team!

This time round Cornetto Pop Rock deserves to be applauded for the sheer brilliance of formulating a formidable musical team and video that reminds you of your first love.