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Were you ever a ‘Sweet_AngelEyes’ Kid? Join The Club

ASL Please?

By Rozina Bhutto

It’s 19 July, 1999; a hot night in Karachi as two women sit in front of their respective computer screens and converse on this platform called MiRC.

@LyZe: Hi ASL?

M@Ha: Hello! 17, female, Karachi! What about you?

@LyZe: 20, male, living in Sydney!

The night continues as one female speaks the truth while the other takes advantage of the virtual reality. Those were the days when nobody knew ANYTHING about you unless you wanted them to know.

Fast forward to 19 July, 2016; again a sweltering night (thanks to increase in global warming). Again two people decide to ‘connect’ over the internet BUT this time they’re who they say they are and instead of crouching behind a computer they’re probably lying on their beds or partying hard while this happens on their phones.

Ali: I like the dress you’re wearing!

Maha: Thanks! What do you do?

Ali: Wait for you to come online.

The pickup lines continue, but at least now both the parties are aware of their respective motives and agree on the sleaziness.

Times have changed but our needs haven’t. We now have Facebook for snooping – earlier we had Orkut – and WhatsApp for staying in touch with anyone and everyone at all times and that’s MSN messenger for all you 90s’ kids.

Let’s go down the memory lane and meet our old buddies and their modern day counterparts.

Facebook lets you snoop in peace while Orkut didn’t – pick a winnerOrkut started going downhill the moment it introduced the horrid rule where you could see who had snooped on you and worse, other people could see when you stalked their profile. Finally Facebook entered the scene and Orkut made a silent exit.

WhatsApp over MSN Messenger any dayMy friend once told me that her brother could send her messages all the way from Toronto and I was like, “OMG! Isn’t that crazy expensive?” She looked at me with pity and explained me what WhatsApp was all about.

A few months later, I deleted the song lyrics on my MSN Messenger, deleted my furios_K3WL hotmail address, and installed WhatsApp.

Skype-ing is good but Snap Chatting is better!One day that same technologically advanced friend (mentioned above) broke the news that nobody wants to get bored to death with loooong video chats. They’d rather see small snippets from your life.

She gave me a SnapChat tour and while I felt slightly dizzy, the platform turned out to be highly addictive. FYI, now you can give yourself big eyes, spotless skin, and pointed nose in one quick swipe! Who wouldn’t want that?

It is slightly deceiving but since everyone is doing it, you should to.

Tinder or MiRC?

Let’s admit it people. MiRC was more fun. It was a web equivalent of a masquerade ball while Tinder is just a bar full of drunk people ready to hit on anything. Now which do you think sound more appealing?

DVD players are gone for good

DVD players meant buying (or even renting) a DVD and there are only so many videos one can buy. Netflix, on the other hand, is the founder of binge watching and as unhealthy as it is, we like the sound (and feel) of latter.

My Space – what was that?

Many of us might not know about MySpace, but it was fairly popular in the west. It was a space where you could put up your thoughts and pictures, but people didn’t appreciate it as much as Instagram which basically does the same thing in a more user friendly way.