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What Happened When Mahira And Hamza Came On Tonite With HSY?

Was the wait worth it?

Mahira Khan hates to talk about politics and religion while Hamza Ali Abbasi, as we all know, has an opinion on everything. Then how come we always spot them chatting away amiably backstage or at charity events held by SKMH? According to these stars, they argue a lot but have agreed to disagree. Mahira clarified that she used to hear all sorts of weird things about Hamza [and his Facebook statuses] but when she met him, he sounded reasonable and somehow, he doesn’t convey his sentiments correctly through writing. On the other hand, Hamza admitted that Mahira was a better actor than him.

They revealed all this and more on HUM TV’s show, Tonite With HSY. What else did they reveal? Read on to know.

They don’t even have one scene together in Maula Jatt

That’s downright criminal! And here we were thinking that Bilal Lashari was wooed by the sizzling chemistry everyone witnessed on the LSA stage last year when they won the Best Dressed Award individually.

Mahira Khan made this revelation while talking about Maula Jatt, “He [Hamza] was the most excited about me joining Maula Jatt and it’s funny how we don’t have a single scene together.”

Hamza will revive from the dead if Mahira calls him

“Agar isse meri zaroorat ho mein tou qabar se bhi uth kar ajaon,” he said in reply to HSY’s question regarding who was the better friend. All the while, Mahira looked at him, clearly scandalized. She finally gave words to her feelings, “What do you mean? I am not a good friend?”

“Do you attend your phone when I need you?” he asked and the silence that followed, said it all.

Mahira called him flippant and he totally flipped

It all began when Hamza Abbasi was called flippant and he chose to smile away because he didn’t know the actual meaning of the word.

“Once we met and Mahira told me I was flippant. I took it as a compliment because I didn’t know what the word actually meant,” Hamza shared the story on the show. “But I Googled it later on and wasn’t impressed by the definition. I was a bit hurt.”

At this point Mahira intervened, “Yeah, and another day we were sitting there having these juicy burgers and all he could do was ye flippant kya hota hai? Mujhe kyun bola?”

Now guys, the ball is in your court; Decide and let Hamza know if he’s flipping or not.

They’re exciting in a different way

Umm Sheru was that you trying to be diplomatic? We think so. It was after HSY’s multiple attempts at trying to make them do the rapid fire round rapidly that Mahira innocently asked, “We’re too boring right?” And he was quick to reply, “No, you guys are interesting in a different way!”

“The show should end here!” Mahira bellowed as tears of mirth watered her eyes. We agreed with her because really, years of watching Koffee With Karan told us that nothing fruitful was going to come out of the rapid fire round.

These two might have amazing screen presence but they need to work on their talk show skills. Just get more candid guys and Hamza, let’s not get preachy at every given opportunity.